Rainbow- Prologue & Chapter 1/5

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It probably was the first rain in a millennium. The planet was completely barren. There was nothing to be seen no matter how far and in which direction you look.

But there was this new baby plant that sprouted unexpectedly on this planet. Most Probably the only plant on this entire planet. This baby plant saw the rainbow as soon as he sprouted out.

It was the most beautiful thing he has ever seen and probably the first thing he has seen. He extended his stem to reach out for the Rainbow. Unfortunately, he was limited. His stem won't reach.

But he was unwilling to give up. That small plant decided to reach out to the direction of the sky and hence bringing him closer to the rainbow and soon he will become one. This was his dream. His First Dream. To become a RAINBOW.

Hi there, I am Todd. And you know something, that one day I am gonna be a rainbow. You know, that beautiful patch of 7 colors you see in the sky. I still remember when I was a child or very near to the ground. I saw that beautiful thing in the sky. My god, it was breathtaking. And then and there I decided that I too one day will become a rainbow.

And you know what I think I am really gonna become a rainbow cause, you see I am getting closer and closer to the sky with time. But… this was also the case when I was in my teens.

Lately, my growth spurt has stopped, I don't grow anymore. I was really looking forward to reaching the sky and become a rainbow. It is so beautiful and it looks so great. You can see so much from there unlike here, where I can look only at a certain fixed area. It's boring you know.

Ironically, I have discovered a lot of things inside the ground. I have found this amazing thing that gets me really high, whenever I come in contact with it I can not stop myself. I lose control all over my body. It never seems to be enough. I always want more. Sometimes though, I feel these weird jelly-type substances. I don't know what that is, but you better be careful when you come in contact with them. They really give me the creeps.

For some reason, I have very very long feet. Now that I think about it, I don't understand why I am not upside down, that way I could have easily reached the sky by now, and would have become the rainbow. Like I always wanted. Hmm… it's really weird now that I think about it.

By the way, I never told anyone about this, well there is no one to tell in the first place… Man!!! I am a really sad tree.

So the thing is I am thinking about an alternative to become a rainbow.

If I can walk straight, you know the place, the rainbow land, where sky and this ground meets. That would be amazing.
I would have done that a while ago, but it just that it's so far away. Too much work!!

But I really really want to be a rainbow!!!!!

You know what Screw IT!!! I am gonna go! I am gonna go there and become a rainbow. Let's do it!!!

(Todd tries really hard to get himself out of his place. It is very painful. It is the most painful thing he has ever done in his entire life. It is 1000 times more painful than losing a branch and definitely 100000000 times more painful than losing a leaf. But he did it anyway.)

(He now couldn't stand tall like he used to be. He fell hard on the ground.)

Hmmm.. so this is what ground feels like and… wait for a sec… Nope no it doesn't taste good. Now how do I stand up again?

(Todd sighs)

Maybe I shouldn't have done that in the first place. I am now even in a worse condition than before.

But I am gonna try a little bit to stand up. Oh I know I will use my branches for my support.

OKAY…. Here. We. Go.

(After many trial and error, Todd is now comfortable in his own feet. He now can walk.)

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