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Chaozhou cuisine is one of the most famous cuisines in the world and is well known in all parts of the world where there are Chinese people. Chaozhou cuisine has a thousand-year history, with its exquisite ingredients, extensive selection, fine workmanship, the combination of East and West, freshness and taste, and the saying "food in Guangdong, taste in Chaozhou".
In foreign countries, Chaozhou cuisine is also synonymous with being expensive, because of its careful selection of ingredients, fine knife work, and the variety of cooking methods, the pursuit of colour and flavour, is one of China's high-end cuisine, but in the Chaoshan region, Chaozhou cuisine can not only be high-end, it is also the common people can not live without everyday home cooking ah.
As a non-Chiu Chow person, what are your impressions of Chiu Chow cuisine? As far as I know, there are several specialities: beef hot pot, raw marinated seafood, sashimi, fish rice, marinated water, casserole congee and various kinds of kuey teow, which are not limited to the above of course, but these are some of the more distinctive dishes in Chaozhou cuisine.
Beef hotpot
Beef hot pot is available all over the country, but Chaoshan beef hot pot is the most popular in the country. Chaoshan beef hot pot is based on several principles, one is that the beef must be absolutely fresh, generally, 3.5 to 4 hours after the cow is slaughtered is the most suitable for the table, more than 4 hours will start to drain acid affecting the taste.
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The second is the precise control of shabu-shabu time. The beef must be cut and shabu-shabu now, and the general shabu-shabu time is between 10-30 seconds.
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Thirdly, the chef must be good at knife work. There is a lot to be said for cutting beef, which is divided into spoon shank, tender, hanging dragon, chest oil, five-flower toe, three-flower toe and many other types of beef.
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Fourthly, the sauce should be abundant. Chaoshan beef hot pot usually comes with chilli sauce, soy sauce, spring onion, coriander, garlic paste and so on, and of course the most indispensable is the salsa sauce. The tender beef is served with a unique Chaoshan sauce for dipping, which is a delicious, salty and sweet fusion of flavours.
Raw Marinated Seafood
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Raw marinated seafood is a marinade made from ginger, onion, garlic, salt, coriander, fish sauce, chilli, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, sesame oil and other seasonings in proportion to the size of the seafood, which is then soaked in a basin for half an hour to two or three hours.
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The seafood used for raw marinades in Chaoshan is all seafood, commonly shrimp mayflies (Segui shrimp), crabs, shrimps, blood clams, sand and white shellfish, etc.
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Raw pickling retains the maximum freshness of seafood and is a popular method of seafood treatment in Chaoshan. Some people are afraid to eat it because their stomachs can't handle it, but many others fall in love with the taste and can't help themselves.
Raw fish
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Raw seafood is marinated in a variety of seasonings, while sashimi is freshly killed and sliced freshwater fish.
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Chaoshan sashimi is usually made from grass carp, sliced into thin slices, dried slightly and then placed on a large, airy bamboo plaque and eaten with various seasonings.
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The fish sashimi must be seasoned, and the seasoning is very rich, with a large colourful plate of sliced garlic, golden bush, coriander, diced celery, coriander, dried vegetables, chilli rings, onions, shredded ginger, shredded radish, sliced poppadoms, etc. The Guangdong Chaoshan people have a long history of eating fish sashimi, and there is a local saying in the Chaoshan region that "fish sashimi with dog meat is invincible".
Fish Rice
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Fish and rice, many people will find this word strange when they first hear it, it is obviously a fish, where is the rice?
Why is it given such a strange name? In the past, when the Chaoshan people went to sea, they found fish that was not easy to keep, so they cooked it and stored it, and because fish had a special and wonderful place in the life of the Chaoshan people, they "used fish as rice", and fish rose to the same importance as rice in the Middle Kingdom, so it was called "fish rice". The fish has risen to the same importance as rice among the Chinese people, hence the name "fish rice".
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Fish rice is actually a very common household dish in the Chaoshan region, sold in bamboo baskets on the streets and in food markets, and the price varies according to the type of fish, but in general, the fish used to make fish rice is not too expensive and is relatively cheap.
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However, with the rise of the Chaozhou craze, this only cold dish among the Chaozhou fish dishes has become a delicacy on the tables of high-end Chaozhou restaurants. Of course, a plate of Puning bean sauce is standard with fish and rice.
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Marinade, of course, is not unique to Chaozhou cuisine, but it is very famous and has a different flavour from other marinades.
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The key to any marinade is the seasoning, and Chaozhou marinade is usually made from fine pork bones, plum meat, old chicken, ham and dried scallops, simmered with star anise, cinnamon, coriander, fresh lemongrass, liquorice, ginger, rosemary, cloves, garlic, red onion, celery, carrot, onion and old soy sauce, fish sauce, chicken essence, flower carving wine and rose dew wine. It may of course vary from house to house.
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The most common marinade ingredients are a goose, subdivided into goose head, goose liver, palm wings, goose intestines, goose meat and so on, as well as vermicelli, pork, pork feet, chicken claws, duck wings, eggs and so on.
Casserole congee
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The congee is cooked in a casserole dish with raw rice in an open fire, and then the ingredients are added to the congee when it reaches seventy years old.
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The biggest difference in Chaoshan casserole congee is that the rice grains are distinct and the congee is sticky. Chaoshan casserole congee has three elements: raw rice, fierce fire and fresh ingredients. A true Chaoshan casserole congee is adjusted in flavour by the combination of ingredients, not by food additives; and the taste is all about the control of the cooking process.
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Chaoshan casserole congee can be made with almost any ingredients, as long as you like. Some of the more classic congees include casserole raw fish congee, casserole sea prawn congee and casserole creamed crab congee.
The word "kuey teow" is not pronounced "bare", it is the same as "fruit", to put it bluntly, it is a fruit made of rice. In the Chaoshan region, this kuey teow encompasses so many foods that it would be impossible to count them all at once, such as red peach kuey teow, bamboo kuey teow, rat kuey teow, leek kuey teow, rice-free kuey teow, sweet kuey teow, saltwater kuey teow, vegetable head kuey teow, grass kuey teow ...... These with the word kuey teow are all pastry foods, some of which are still essential for worshipping the gods, and are shared by the gods.
Kway Teow
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There is also another type of food with the word kuey teow, which is the kuey teow and kuey teow juice type, which is something similar to river noodles, served with beef balls and beef minced pork, which is one of the main types of breakfast for Chaoshan people.
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In a nutshell, anything with the word 'kuey teow' is basically made of rice, is there any 'kuey teow' foods that are not made of rice?
There are so many delicious dishes in Chaozhou that I can't tell you about them all at once, and many people go to the Chaoshan region specifically for the food, and they can't even eat five or six meals a day. Well, finally, what should you do if you want to go on a food trip to Chaoshan?
The Chaoshan region generally refers to the three prefecture-level cities of Shantou, Chaozhou and Jieyang in eastern Guangdong, Shantou, as a special economic zone, is still the big brother of the three cities and has the most food. High-speed rail and aeroplane have Chaoshan station and Chaoshan airport, high-speed rail and airport are 10 kilometres apart, characterized by being located at the junction of the three cities, to which prefecture-level city is not close, to which prefecture-level city is almost far, Chaoshan high-speed rail station is located in Chaozhou City, Chaoshan airport is located in Jieyang City, in addition to Shantou station also has trains and high-speed rail through. Well, when do we leave for a culinary trip to the Chaoshan region!

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