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RE: I Allocate 2,000$+ Daily On Steem!

in #joy3 years ago

I've been on steemit for exactly a month today. What I'm surprised about is how much Steemit has effected the way I go about my life. I've have a lot of firsts in my life on this platform, blogging, photo editing, video editing, sharing photos and sharing my art work. There are definitely different communities working and supporting each other. Here is my point... I was touched, slapped or blessed by a whale. #19 on the list to be exact. This was a great motivator to continue to improve and that I have the right idea of what to use this platform for. Thanks for your time.


Check this post once my dear friends-
If u liked it then upvote it and resteem it.
I am new to this wonderful platform so yours upvote and resteem will be a push for me.

Wow ! It's my first time too