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RE: I Allocate 2,000$+ Daily On Steem!

in #joy3 years ago (edited)

Some lil minnows who have excellent quality in their posts but less exposure and upvotes - they are the ones who deserves help from whales, some resort to bid in the bots for their exposure for a wider audience.

Somehow, it is wise to use bots to have a good start in steemit world for you to cope up some steem power.


I totally agree with you

Definitely the only resort for us bots ! Because the bots are our biggest friends for the things we do in Steemit family.Otherwise, no matter how well-informed we share, we will be gone.... @elizahfhaye @teamsteem

I was saying that below or above or wherever my post landed. I have great estate and fabulous finds stories. I don't want to post the really good stuff til I meet more people. So I will continue to read and post until them I guess. I'm sure if I keep reading, I'll learn how to optimize the process--

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