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RE: I Allocate 2,000$+ Daily On Steem!

in #joy3 years ago

There is SO much value in this post it is crazy. Absolutely crazy! Honestly I wish my vote was worth more than a fraction of 1 cent just so I can vote this more lol. But looking at this post alone shows how much you deserved that delegation! A big and a late congratulation on that! Thanks for giving me some knowledge! I book marked this page!


Thank you! I really enjoyed reading your nice comment!

@teamsteem It's the first time I see your post and not gonna be my last time, Thank you for the update. I can't begin to say how much I appreciate seeing, and how much I would urge you to continue, being transparent with the community like you are in this post. It's such a unique experience, for everyone, to be the co-owners and co-creators of a community project liek STEEM. We all want it to be the best that it can be and we are all incentivized to contribute where we can. So please keep on giving people the feeling that they are on your team and with you on this crazy ride in this new blue ocean we call