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RE: I Allocate 2,000$+ Daily On Steem!

in #joy4 years ago

wow! I’m so moved by what you do...
you are indeed for the community.
You have touched a lot with just a single post

The part where you talked about making the government irrelevant 👍🏽...I can’t wait for the point where government will be begging for people to come work for them, because at this point people are busy doing well for themselves just by the writing...

Personally , I believe the government jobs limits you, it makes you believe so much in the stipends they give ; to the extent you become so comfortable with that as your whole ..

Thanks @teamsteem you really inspire we here(steemit community).

I’m always glad and honored when you visit my blog🙏🏽

Thanks @teamsteem keep doing what you know best 💪🏽


Thank you for this awesome comment!

I’m honored 😊