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RE: I Allocate 2,000$+ Daily On Steem!

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You made some very good points here and can agree and relate to all of them, especially:

Fiat money is a deception benefiting those who create it at the expense of everyone else. Under the current system, an increasing amount of financial hardship is guaranteed.

This is the one thing that bothers me the most in currents society and proves how immensly stupid the human race is to have all information out there in the open about how the monetary system is deliberately broken to serve the elite and hwo they put it in place and control each side in the parliament and every news, tv show, etc.

But the sheep just wont get it, they oblige with everything that's put in front of them bx a made up authority; may it be police or a court or whatnot people will oblige to this fake authority figures who are in end controlled by the elite.


proves how immensly stupid the human race

We're facing challenging times as a whole but I guess this was all meant to be somehow.

the sheep just wont get it

We're all human with our strengths and weaknesses.

The biggest challenge is that made by the system in it being that if we want to change something we need 50%+ to agree and with a population of 60%+ braindead we can't do much

I just fear that blockchain technology isn't something made up by the machine to enslave us further. The are already doing a pretty good job taxing out their slaves in the east and many countries fail to fight against it so they just oblige with those in power.

Weaknesses of many is something all of us will have to and are already paying for...

60%+ braindead

They are not braindead. They are humans with needs. Braindead is what the social engineers, those who use deception use as a label to down people.

There's a very real possibility the "machine" has created Bitcoin and that's what odds point to. There's also a very real possibility the "machine" will want to free itself from it's own predatory states and blockchain technology could be the result of such a thing.

One theory is that Walter Wriston of Citi paid for a team to develop bitcoin, but he passed away and they completed the project in the next two years. He was thinking and talking about cryptocurrency for many years before that.

BTW, your posts like the one above, and this comment, are why you are one of my witnesses :)

Before, people couldn't organize because they had to pay to organize. Cost to do so exceeded the resources of most; they didn't organize. A small predatory minority which was organized could easily push them around. Today, cryptos pay people to organize; and when millions of people are paid to organize, they organize. An organized mass cannot be pushed around. That's why China and others are so fearful of decentralized blockchains. For example, the common rewards pool in Steem pushes people to organize, because they get paid for doing so, if they cash out.

I don't know how else to call someone who cant critically think or question anything said by an authority of questionable morals.

My fear is that they will pump up bitcoin and other cryptos sky high bringing a lot more people in through the mainstream media and into the hype and then crash the price only to blame the falling of their broken monetary system on cryptos.

Because as we know it their monetary system is a house of cards ready to tip over any minute now and a big crypto crash would be a good story for the drones as they wouldn't even bother questioning or thinking about it.

Hi Runicar,
i know what you mean by braindead and drones but it's not really a fair description for most people, uneducated is probably a better description along with fearful (of the unknown or difficult to understand concepts).
It is down to us to educate, inform and reduce the fearfulness of others.
In my opinion anyway.

What they are more specific is unconscious humans. They are not even aware of what they are doing in life. This is the majority of humans. Educated is a funny word because none of us is really finished being “educated”. We are mainly just speculating and watching patterns. But yes we could educate people in some stuff but it’s mainly making people more conscious and aware that we want to do. That is also easier for people to understand. Since education never stops.

Good point. Institutional investors can easily pump anything, then crash it. The market can absorb around 60 to 80 billion a day right about now, and a medium hedge fund run by an investment bank can be around 200 billion. Just a sale of 10 billion of any assets can crash the market (as recently happened).

A precarious situation, since most individual investors are dangerously leveraged and will automatically have their positions closed on an enormous loss, before market recovery in a few days. Institutional investors will be safe thanks to their sizes. Most individual investors will readily then believe mainstream media nonsense how its all intrinsic to cryptos. (Frank Herbert wrote, once people look for scapegoats they easily find them if the alternative is to look incompetent themselves.)

Think it’s a bit more complicated then that since you have so many different people on both sides. Many looking to make a profit and exit the old system. There is such a demand right now that any crash would just attract more buyers. Because what else would we do? Go back to the old system? Not like we are going back again the Blockchain is too good and it’s clearly a step forward in the right direction.

Most people buying Bitcoin are speculators and investors. It’s the new digital Gold. Mainstream masses will never go buy Bitcoin. The supply is even too small for it to make a big impact. Only 21 million coins and as I understood it 4 million is lost so barely 16 million coins left. Bitcoin is too slow to scale. Mainstream masses will adopt something that is easier to understand and we are still years away from that.

Humans always want to expand and explore that is what has caused Bitcoin and Blockchain to come up. We are bored of the old systems and always look for ways to improve stuff. Clearly we are working to make things work better. Something we have been working on with intensity for the last 200 years. Who knows what we are capable of letting this go for another 1000 years.