Dancing Our Way To Happiness!

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She's Karen. I've met her on Steemit around 8 months ago. We've talked a lot since and today I'm supposed to meet her in person. This is all thanks to Steem and Steemit for which I'm very grateful.

This is both of us dancing to a song called "Deux par deux rassemblés". We shot this video a couple of weeks ago and I was supposed to do the editing but after a while, I told Karen she should forget about it and that we should instead wait for us to do one in person.

But here it is! I hope you guys enjoy!

Just A Bit More!

I've begun meditating daily for more than a month now and I also began writing daily for a couple of days now. I've also eaten fully raw for 3 days earlier this week and that really felt awesome. I've been on a fully raw diet for 6 months straight in the past and I really look forward to going back to it soon.

These 3 habits with daily exercises have been life-changing for me and I look forward to continuing practicing them to some extent even as I'm on this trip with Karen! 50% of this post reward will go to @karensuestudios.

That's pretty much it for me. I woke up not long ago and I have to be in Montreal in a couple of hours.

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This is really funny and entertaining video i enjoyed your dance moves and music.I know and followed Guillaume from many day but today i get to know about karen ...Nice to meet you karen..I'm following you now.

Both exercise and meditation are life long skills and can greatly bring change in our life. It will really good for you if you sticked with your three habits.

wow! so much chi :))

Two of my favorite steemian meeting together...waooooo!!!
Awesome performance @teamsteem....I loved the music....and nice outfit Karen!!!
My Love and regards
I googled the song and heard it with english translation....The lyrics are way deep.
"He who was strong yesterday
Will be nothing but dust tomorrow
Despite the greatness of the choruses
And despite the weapon he holds in his hand"

awwww :) Xabi! Another favorite of ours! We will all have to hang out one day :)

wow, powerful lyrics indeed xabi...

This make sense. Thanks for the translation

Thank you Xabi for this thoughtful comment!

Reminds me of LCD Soundsystem! Wonderful!

I love the passionate dancing that is genuinely from pure joy, it comes truly from the heart, or maybe you are good actors, hehe. Guillaume reminds me of myself when I am on the jazz and pumped up from the wave of the music, I have a very similar joyful reaction. Oh and the outfit that Karen has is just epic, she definitely has balls wearing it and it surely paid off. Great video guys, it's very organic and has put a smile on many of us, I am sure :)

I gotta try some of that meditation my self, maybe it that might be a key factor in the amazing energy you have :)

I don't know if it's the French music or the dancing but you have reminded me of a song that I loved and was very popular at one point a few years back . I am in a very nostalgic mood now :)) This is for you, I hope you enjoy!



For some reasons, I hadn't seen that comment prior to today. I really love it! Nice work!

done...all the best and thank you

Hi Duartenues! I love your comment. I forgot to give the 100% upvote. I would love to give it to you. Can you post it another time under this post. Post it as a comment to the post not under here, so when I upvote the comment it will go straight up under my post.

really very noble deeds @teamsteem, success continues for you

done...all the best and thank you

Steem creates happiness

Very very cute! UPvoted and followed! 🐴

It's really good to see that you are taking care of your health now and i have to say that you totally dance like crazy without any worries and above all you are dancing from your heart 😇

Good to see that you are posting more frequently these days, All the best.

great upvoted

Wtf...you gave yourself 28 cents for that?

haha :D

You crazy cats!

I wasn't expecting that, but it has made me smile :)

Karen was super friendly and smiley at Steemfest, even before the free beer and so I'm sure you'll have some good times in Montreal. Are we going to see some @teamsteem acroyoga? Hopefully!

p.s. I love onezies :D

awwww!!! :) It was so nice to meet you as well Asher!

you bet, there will be lots of acroyoga and onsies! hehe!

Stitch on fleek~


Well I'm looking forward to seeing this!

Have fun guys!

Indeed we did! We have a lot of other nice video coming!

I beyond love this video!! Haha, people dancing just makes me happy. I only managed to do the raw diet for 2 weeks before, haha good for you!

I've been on the longest health journey ever. Taking charge of health totally is a game changer!

Haha again the video just actually makes me laugh out loud. Which is cool, 'cause I'm in a cafe where people can stare at me awkwardly.

If they ask what I'm laughin about, perfect chance to talk about steemit lol

Ahahaha! 😂😂😂😂 awww... trust me, I’m just like that. Always laughing so hard everywhere I go!

Same here! It's the best way to live

We usually get excited and feel happy while dancing(especially while listening to EDM) because dancing stimulates our brain's memory region in a positive thus, resulting in only happy thoughts.
Likewise when we are very sad we tend to listen to something which soothes our heart. The only reason that we feel such emotions during such songs is because the songs emit that kind of wavelength which is at that moment captured by the ears and then sent to the brain in the form of electrical waves and that is when the brain interprets the wave and releases the emotion according to that.

This is awesome! I love how you coordinated your dance moves!!! We need more dancing like this on Steemit! lol
Have a great time at the meetup! <3

It was awesome, I can believe now that I can dance too. Was really encouraged by seeing the passion and enthusiasm.
Karen is my favorite from the day when I first comment on her post. You were also great and energetic though the steps were too much off beat but your enthusiasm cached every bit of beats.

It is important to have a healthy lifestyle, for life is what broughts us to overcome everything happens on earth. Helping with each other by sustaining healthy habits keeps us away from endulging sickness. I was following @karensuestudios 1 month ago up to this present and I loved the way she recognized her thoughts interms of different aspect in life like arts and vlogging especially in rendering her thoughts about the healthy lifestyle we should follow. Somehow, it is very helpful to us especially who to thosr who are unfortunate of having good health. I was so amazed after @teamsteem recognized this woman, indeed he follows the suggestions of @karensuestudios about caring your health. All I can say is that, keep up your good work @karensuestudios we were following it since the day of our life. And to sir @teamsteem, thank you for helping everyone in cultivating their knowledge here on steemit a good day to both of you

I really love to see people in this kinda happy mood. I'm glad you guys had a great time. Regards to you @teamsteem, my treasured steemian.

@teamsteem i think what kind of diet is very cruel for our live.
with good meditation, besh fresh air.nature, frienndship and traveling thats might be happy.
with meditation purposed to know our life, we can stop our bad habbits.
with closer nature will be known our self
with travel we can known humanity, another culture and friendship.
thats will be make balancing for our life

Dancing as i know, good dancing is traditional dancing/cultural dancing. Making shake all our body and feeling on dancing movement.

In Aceh - Indonesia, we have many taditional dancing, we called Saman, Seudati, Dabus, likok pulo dancing and more. what we achieve on dancing is carring out culture, poem about live, unity and more purpose get it.

Sorry if the comment out of topic, just to know to each other.
regard from Aceh - Indonesia

That is a really beautiful song
And ur dance....
Funny and soul expressing...@teamsteem
I gat to soul-dance to that song too 😊
(shaking to the beat)

Hello @teamsteem I loved the way you and Karen are both having fun.

Hello @teamsteam,

Steemit is a blessing to the world...it made it possible for us to meet so many people we wouldn't have ordinarily met in our lifetime. Without this awesome platform, you might not have met @karensuestudios.

Wow the video itself stole the show. You guys danced so well...so good and on very much in accordance to tone/sound of the music. The beginning part of the dance is so energetic, and for that reason, is good for health since it's a form of exercise as well.

Practice makes perfect. As you have started writing daily, if you continue with it, with time it would just become a part of you.

Deciding to give 50% of the post payout to @karensuestudios is quite generous of you. I believe it will go along way to enable her take care of one or two things....

@eurogee, the founder of @euronation community & The Host, Show Us Your Witnesses Weekly Contest

The amount of genuinity and fun portrayed in that video is really Inspiring!

I still have to grow over my fear of doing something so "crazy" (in the best sense possible) in front of the camera.

There have been many great Ideas, when it comes to video-creating, that I wasn't able to make happen because of that precise fear. I still have many of them half-edited or some that I just didn't feel like doing at all.
I am aware of the problem, but for some reason it has been with me for a long time. I have confronted it more than once and posted some videos even though I was afraid of doing it, but I still feel that there's more growing to do.


Meditating has been Life-Changing for me as well. My Mind is no longer wavering from one thing to another every 5 seconds. My sense of Awareness and being able to Focus on the task at hand has been improved by quite a lot from the practice of Meditation.


Writing has been a thing that I've enjoyed doing on and off since I was a teenager. I was really introverted back then and writing down my frustrations, Goals or whatever was on my Mind at that precise moment. It had the effect of releasing most of the tension that I was feeling towards that given subject.


And then it comes to diet. I've been a Vegetarian for more than 6 months and that really had a Positive impact of my overall Well-Being. Now, I mostly eat once a day and that has been having some **amazing effects **on my general State of Being/Feeling throughout the day. I recommend that to everyone.
I've hear about raw-diets as well, but I haven't yet got into that. I now feel like I should give it more Attention.


I would never be able to post a video of me dancing to a song like you guys just did here @TeamSteem and @KarenSueStudios, although I do have a couple of them recorded, since I Love dancing as well.
It's Inspiring to see you guys do it with such ease. I feel like here's a really Important lesson for me to learn.

Thank you so much for sharing! I truly appreciate it!

nice dancing

@karensuestudios is a smart, beautiful lady... and brainy too! She happens to be the best blogger i know on steemit, no offense y'all.

aww thank you! You are so sweet :)

Hi @teamsteem

I really love your relentless efforts that lead you to meeting @karensuestudios one on one, i know Karen will be happy to see you. The excitement really shows on the video..
In addition, it takes a man with discipline to follow the roaster that has to do with healthy living and feeding and this I find in you.

Keep the fire burning

@Karensuestudios is a very nice personality.. I met her at the Dobartim Steemit School and we had a very brief and friendly private chat. Am glad you met someone like her, hopefully, steemit is going to empower me to meet someone like her too.

@teamsteem your video has really communicated a lot to me, one is that i always thought you were American and secondly, i thought your selfless service on steemit did present some limitation with respect to exercising and having fun (time constraints). Great to see that you are have time for yourself too.

About the video you looked really great, free-spirited and in good shape. Towards the end of the video, the music seemed to had touched your souls, i even started to feel an air of calmness until you both turned 180 degrees went back to your electro-spirited mood.

Am pretty much young; in my early 20s, how positive do you think raw diet will affect my health (i so love meat, chicken and sea food)? As for meditation, i think i need more discipline.

Dude! The meditating and daily writing was huge for me! Glad to see you doing it.

All my support behind what you two are doing Love and joy. Make some magic together.

@teamsteem a healthy lifestyle practice is some kind of boring and real hard when you don't have someone to back you up, cheer you up or even accompanying you glad you have 3 habits fulfilled and also having @karensuestudios for back up. The habits (meditating, writing and dieting for healthy lifestyle) now seems to be fun and motivating having karen is some kind of helping you a lot and having her is like an inspiration. Hope both will meet up soon in God's time. You indeed establish a great friendship in steemit, its some kind of impossible but you guys make it happen,, more friendship on steemit and more healthy and strong relationship inside the platform is a good sign of great interaction (having support buddy and helping you to keep on track in steemit and also can be an inspiration and guide for sure) and a way to have a healthy community. Keep it up and God bless you both @teamsteem and @karensuestudios.

That video is quite random @teamsteem! Sounds like you’re having a great time though. How much is the upvote worth these days? I need to know whether it’s worth making the offset for the best comment!!

That is so cool that you have found Karen through Steem! I have started to make friends too and I am grateful for it. It's great that you are working to improve yourself. I am not sure if I could do a raw diet myself and I am curious to see what your thoughts are on that. I have friends that have done it and they loved it but I am not sure I could make that commitment. Have fun with Karen!

Sounds like it would work. I should try it. But in street clothes rather than a bunny outfit. LOL thanks @temsteem

Hey! Where my invite lol 😂

Damn Teamsteem got some killer moves.

I was trying to find a smart or funny comment, but I was thinking all the time only that: 😂😂😂😂

Just dance! 🕺💃

I did a raw vegan challenge for 30 days last year. Six months? That's insane! Although I have to agree that it is the healthiest way to live. My energy levels were through the roof; I just don't have the discipline to maintain it. Nick and Nate Diaz (UFC fighters) are raw for their fight camps and their conditioning speaks for itself.

My cat just watched the dance video all the way through; he approves of the moves!

Good to see you both having fun, @teamsteem & @karensuestudios ! Meditation is good for the spirit, eating healthy/exercise are good for the body, while dancing heals both body and soul :) Here's to the wisdom of light-heartedness & playing, seriously:

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.


Looks like I will not be making it, but have a blast!

I know the feeling of meeting someone that gives us a certain kind of joy... i hope your friendship grows and brings you both more happiness because you deserve it... nice dance steps by the way and keep eating right!

Well there you have it @teemsteem that's just exactly one of the benefits of this platform bonding together among other benefits. Just hope you find other great friends like Karen. So that we can all move steemit to the next level.

I laughed a lot watching his video, I really enjoyed it.
I hope to meet someone on this platform and make a great friendship like yours, it looks very nice and I'm excited to know that here we can create that kind of ties.
The both are so cute together!
By the way, I wanted to invite you to read my second post. I would greatly appreciate it if you saw it and in case you like it, I would appreciate it if you would give me a vote, a comment, or a resteem.
You got my vote and I stay attentive to your next publications. 💋

Not bad, @teamsteem :)

Now only thing you need in your life is yoga

No problem :P

That's crazy! I went to a week-long workshop in December, called Hero's Journey, where lots of meditation and dancing was involved. I met a girl there who is on steemit too now, @awareness4life. I'have been meditating and exercising daily since then and I've introduced her to my healthy, plantbased lifestyle. I feel like you and me both are making huge steps into the right direction. Maybe I should start writing daily too. Oh, wait: does coding in JavaScript count? ;)

All the best for you in Montreal. Let's keep this train of positive change rolling, mate.

Amazing!!! I love this. I look forward to practising that as well...

Hi @teamsteem I read some of @karensuestudios post. She even made a post how life changing steemit is. I am really happy that you made a post dedicated to karen. I also met some good people here on steemit like @mermaidvampire, @long888 @deveerie @damarth and more who helped and guided me here on steemit. More power to you @teamsteem.

This is a huge journey you've taken up @teamsteem. The most important part here is the discipline to stop yourself from exceeding the boundaries you've set. A lot of people dream of having a healthy life but they are not willing to sacrifice these things they are so attached to especially junk food.
Am grateful for the role @karensuestudios has played in changing your lifestyle. I too try my best to live healthy which I started with quitting junk food.. Though I failed to have raw foods. But I try to cover that up in other aspects that build my healthy living.

Hehe... I love the dance. You guys had a great moment. You really challenged Karen. I believe the enormous results you've attained after 6 Months of dedication to changing your lifestyle are a good cause for a great dance with Karen.
Live the happiness fully.. Life is short.

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Now there's something I didn't expect to see .. but after a long day it was the medicine that painted a huge smile on my face :D Man you guys have the moves!! I hope you have a brilliant time .. Steemit making dreams come true since .. erm 2015? :D

aww feel better! :)

Hey Teamsteem,

How exciting, meeting Karen. I hope you guys develop a nice friendship and maybe more! :) Enjoy.

Thank you @whatsup. I was so disconnected during my time with Karen that I saw your comment for the first time today.

Ha! I wasn't offended. I hope that means you had a great time. Cheers.

omg!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!! I can't believe how well this video turned out. I was totally not expecting to see it come out ever! LOL I LOVE IT! Stuck at the airport right now... but see you in 3, 2, 1 hours! EEEKKKK!

HAHAH oh and of course you look for the most ridiculous photo of me to use as the cover :P

So much fun coming ahead... I see

Karen is pretty great. I have talked with her and her acropals in chat quite a bit over the last few months and have got to know her fairly well. She is a blast to chat with so I imagine you will have a great time!

dawww! :) You are so sweet! Guess what @teamsteem and I plan on doing together....

ROCK CLIMBING!!! hehehe! :)

Im climbing right now!!


First look at the video is a little different. It's okay after. Hope you like it, you better understand everything. Waiting is a beautiful and a post. Thank you. Keep going

The video is quite entertaining. The dance is really home exercise. Is good choosing own way of achieving hapiness. I love that. Thanks for sharing

I didn't think you would be able to top the mango dance, but this did it. The Stitch onesie is amazing too.

Haha! I'm glad you like it! We'll top it again! Trust me on this one! Or maybe not but we have another 2 coming that is pretty awesome!

This kind of post makes me smile :) Spread the happiness! :D I had a good laugh watching you dance. We have so many serious things to face in life, that just watching you two helps relax and enjoy life. Congrats on the daily habits, it is a great idea to team up and motivate each other. I have been meditating daily for the past 3 months and I can clearly see the benefits so I encourage you to keep on. Welcome to Montreal @karensuestudios! Enjoy this vibrant city and I'm sure you will, as you are in good hands :)

This video put such a huge smile on my face, you guys don't even know! x'D I was whispering under my breath; "Hoooo no waaaay....." (from amusement!) My favorite part was of course the bridge of the song, and the moves you both did for that part. Is there an actual choreography, or did you and @karensuestudios come up with it??

Either way, I enjoyed the melody throughout- It a bit of pop and ska, with some badass violins. What an energetic song!

I think that's a good reflective representation for what your attitude towards life is right now. With all of the positive changes to your diet, writing, and where you're spending your mind lately (not to mention your meetup with Karen today :D) there are many jovial reasons to celebrate and dance!

I need to look up the song now, to justify that lip singing. Keep it up Dreamsteem, I am loving the videos you and Karen are putting out! <3

... I looked it up. I love empowering lyrics more than anything else in music. Always move forward, since nothing in life is permanent. Joy isn't permanent but neither is grief. This is what I took away from the song.


Aww wish you were here to hang with us! Hawaii next 😆

Yeah dude, you can show me your favorite spots :3 Have a blast!~

Seems like you are having quite some fun time with her. You people are creating happiness with the help of dancing.

How very cool! I remember when you posted that video originally... and how neat that you get to connect in person now! Steemit is really an awesome place, and it seems more and more of us are starting to get to know each other "off site" as well.

Have an awesome time, and thanks for this really uplifting post!

I'm glad you enjoyed it @denmarkguy!

Joy indeed. The joy shows on the dance video. :) I wonder how it is to maintain a raw diet. I've been planning to try it even for just a week.

LOL guys that dance was crazy xDD

At some part of the video it looks like @teamsteem is the one singing hahahah

Good for you to share cool moments like this :P


Hmmmmmmm fun all the way. Wow great moves and working out at the same time. U're such a fun lover. Thats interesting

Dance at every corner of life, music is our constant companion. When I feel lonely listen to music. And dance is very important for psychological well-being.

Yay! The community here is so lively and the interactions and friendships are genuine just like @teamsteem and @karensuestudios' friendship. Thank you for showing us that even though we are all strangers here on Steemit, we can still developed authentic relationship, maybe more than what can we have offline. Thanks for sharing @teamsteem!

wow ! Both of your dance make me to dance myself. Yay Yay ! :D

@karensuestudios, a beautiful lady

Just A Bit More!
I've begun meditating daily for more than a month now and I also began writing daily for a couple of days now. I've also eaten fully raw for 3 days earlier this week and that really felt awesome. I've been on a fully raw diet for 6 months straight in the past and I really look forward to going back to it soon.

These 3 habits with daily exercises have been life-changing for me and I look forward to continuing practicing them to some extent even as I'm on this trip with Karen! 50% of this post reward will go to @karensuestudios.

@teamsteem i really hope you continue with this mode of lifestyle till u final meet her in person,

giving @karensuestudio 50% of the reward is so humane

About the video though i couldn't really get the language, looking forward to get it interpreted in english. Cute voice i just heard.

I've read a meme back then, that I can't really forget...

Find three (3) hobbies: One that keeps you educated, one that keeps you healthy, and one that earns you money.

You've found 2 of them: writing daily to earn you money and eating raw for health. Well, you've found 3 actually, if you include meditating as a spiritual education journey, depends on your opinion. :D

Nice to see you are having fun. We need more positive energies considering the crypto fud and steemit phishing attack. Instead of beautifully choreographed dance, humans normally enjoy seeing other people are enjoying themselves. Positive energy is contagious. Both of you are infecting us with positive vibes :D

wow you got the dance moves dance like no one cares :D

Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈🍾

What a beautiful friendship based on health.

Awnnnn! This is cute!
@teamsteem has always been my number steemit crush since my fresh days of getting into Steemit, its a pity I am losing him to a prettier competitor. I am fine.. I wont cry..lol

Watching you dance reminds me of the joy i felt when i got my laptop which your daily upvote on my post funded 80% of. I am forever grateful to you sir.

I wish you both the best meet up! And just incase both of you find a soft landing spot, we could organize the first steemit wedding.. Lol..


Thank you Patience!

I have been following up since when @karensuestudios said you were her steemit crush and how she began to learn french although her pronunciations were funny, it is good to know how online friendship turns into something more, this meetup isn't changing who you are but I can see you are being the better you and for the first time which may not be, but for me for the first time am seeing you so excited and I can only see this in your post today, funny dancing though and great habit and character of good eating, if you eat healthy you'll live healthy. Thanks to steemit for the connection, I hope you have a good time out and in with @karensuestudios.

that's the beauty of steemit in particular which no one could have ever done :) anyways will keep it short but loved the way of dancing :D

yes nice :)

thank you follow you.

i don't know what to write but all I know is that I LIKE THE MUSIC and I LIKE THE WAY YOU GUYS DANCE TO THE SONG!!. I really want to meet one of you guys on steemit in person. That is my one thing that i can't wait for to happen. @teamsteem I like your way of expressing while dancing .... @karen you seem to be a happy person. I also like your dress. i love the concept.

YAY have so much fun you two!!!! I can just imagine all the funny dancing to come!!

wow what a moment that will be steemit makes it possible and do the wonders :D

While this is obviously all good stuff, the real question is will the Montreal meet-up out-do the Florida meet-up? Only @crimsonclad will be able to answer that one.

Haha! It totally did :P

Hahah I love this. Hanging out with Karen will definitely bring out the silly-ness in you coz that's what happens when I'm around her!

OMG! That was such a blast! I hope you're doing great Sharmaine! Karen told she really enjoy your company!

Wow wow😱 wow, this is more than wonderful, it's cool. Infact am speechless. This is great. I would like to be popular like Karen. She's so wow. Based on my observations, I will say that you both did very well in your performance but Karen danced more than you @teamsteem😀😀 Karen this is for you 💋💋👍👍 Please I will appreciate more posts like this. I will be keeping in touch to know how far. Kudos to you both @karensuestudios and @teamsteem

Awww! Hehehe thanks so much! ❤️ Teamsteem is alright at dancing.... 😜 JK! He’s awesome!

I think this is great! People meeting and making friends using the Steemit platform! I hope you both have the very best time!

Also, I am so impressed with your diet and how you went fully raw for 6 months straight! That is no joke and takes some real dedication!

Keep sharing and inspiring others! Love these posts and I am looking forward to reading more of them :)

haha You must be debut in Hollywood^^

Wow, you two are full grown-ups but still acts like children I like you two. I love your spirit!And I'd love to dance with you too!
This is the first time I saw @teamsteem and he looks like a cute squirrel to me. Hope you won't get mad at me^^
I'm asking from everyone, why so serious? We all should have fun like that!

Btw, You look great in that costume Karen. See you <3

Wow, this is the power of steemit and why I love this platform compared to others.

People are not just here to make money, some of us really do want to connect with others.

I'm happy that you and Karen could finally meet...

8 month was quite a long period of time.

That some really great dance move. haha glad you guys had fun. :)

That's why i love this platform, it gives us endless opportunities to meet exciting people and build relationships.. I hope you both have a great time.

could this be love?

wow amazing video ...i enjoy a lot... both of you dancing so well... i really love it...and nice to meet you karen.. guys you looking so good
enjoy a lot and have amazing20687535_1835524313444338_1091658116866506752_n.gif da

✔️I like.Follow)

Hey , thats pretty awesome video. But you know what would be more awesome that this?
Since you do not mention any criteria about what to comment, I would make a suggestion to vote on this link, definitely !


It is a fundraising for one person that is ill.
This would definitely be a perfect gesture by you :)
I do not really know the person who is fundraising but give it a hand, please..

such a simple but sweet post.I love it. and those dance moves are on point though.

Ha ha ha great dance! How did you coordinate the moves? She seemed to be following your lead but she wasn't looking at the screen... it was like she was telepathic! Her animal onesy coordinated well with your papa-pepper t-shirt! Awesome that you are meeting in person. I'm looking forward to reports about the meetup from both of you!

Ahahaha I can read his mind 😜

Steemit is a very good social media, can connect between fellow steemian and even never met

This is BRILLIANT! I'm loving this post!

Inspiring, thanks.

I am just waiting to hear the next action between the both of you . If you ask me i would say a proposal, hey I mean marriage proposal. Most great marriages , friendships and partiners started just like yours . Wish you guys good luck, I mean that is one of the numerious benefits of belonging to Steemit community because whiles we are making the dollars, we are as well making good friendship in addition.

Summation... A perfect sync of body going a healthy routine revolution, soul exploding in joy and spirit drawing for the depth of unfathomable inspiration.

awww @karensuestudios has braces haha, that dance was awesome guys! I'm working my ass off so I will be able to meet all the wonderful people I know from steemit! :-D

Hi TS and Karen, you both dance so well. I hope I get the 100% upvote, or at least, something near. 😂.

I'll visit @karensuestudios to get more from the both of you.

Well, you made me realize I didn't give the 100% upvote to the best comment. I'll have to fix this.

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! I love it! You guys roooooock! I wish I could share some of my dance moves with you here on Steemit! I need to do more meditation toooooo! Resteemed with total pleasure! =) xxx

I want to see your move!

You should do more

What a nice video, will try some of those moves