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Cryptocurrencies are changing the world and by looking at the current trends, it seems what is yet to come is even bigger than what we've already witness.

The Markets For Empowerment!

Mutual Destruction Vs Cooperation

The primary reason I talk about cryptocurrencies is because I want to reduce violence in the world and to reduce violence we first need to reduce governments powers.

I want to reduce the initiation of violence in the world because the thing we all dread the most is someone initiating violence against us.

Governments are the biggest instigators of violence. Thus all individuals would benefit from freeing themselves from the threat governments pose.

The only way to reduce government's powers without the use of violence is to make the markets for freedom or markets for the empowerment of individuals the most lucrative and thus omnipotent markets.

Such markets will result in shifting wealth or value/power away from governments and redistributing this power to those who value freedom/self-empowerment the most.

Governments' Nemesis

Cryptocurrencies are just that, markets of freedom shifting power away from governments back into the hands of the individuals who use them. To anyone new to cryptocurrencies I recommend reading my previous post if they ever get confused by what the current post is discussing.

Cryptocurrencies' market cap or the total value of all cryptocurrencies currently rank them as the 48th largest company (by market cap) in the world and the 50th biggest economy (M3) in the world right between Argentina and Colombia. At the current rate, cryptocurrencies will become the company with the biggest market cap in less than a year and the biggest economy in less than 3 years.

The company with the biggest market cap is APPLE with $827B and the biggest M3 is China with $22T has of december 31 2016. [source: 1, 2]

Putting The Current Trends Into Perspective

Bitcoin which is the first cryptocurrency and the one with the largest market cap was worth 227$ each, exactly 2 years ago and is now worth 4,128$ today, an increase of 1,641%. 10,000$ worth of Bitcoin from 2 years ago is worth around 174,100$ of Bitcoin and 28,734$ of Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash is a split from Bitcoin and anyone who owned Bitcoin on August 1st 2017 received the same amount of Bitcoin Cash then the amount of Bitcoin they own, i.e. if someone owned 42 Bitcoin then they received 42 Bitcoin Cash.

Anyone who had been looking at the trends 2 years ago could pretty much predict the prices of cryptocurrencies would go up quite substantially unless a black swan event would happened. I've been talking about those trends for 3 years now and back then I've put my money were my mouth was.

Understanding The Trends And Risks

The reasons why these trends will go on are detailed in my previous post.

The reasons can be summed up like this, cryptocurrencies are a better type of money than fiat currencies and this is generating incentives for people to mined/create cryptocurrencies or buy cryptocurrencies for those who can't mined them at an ever increasing price.

The incentives to mine cryptocurrencies, over buying them at a markup price, are leading to a growing competition and thus rising cost to create new cryptocurrencies. Those trends have been observed since cryptocurrencies very inception. This is also touched upon in the post I've just mentioned as well as what make cryptocurrencies fundamentally better than fiat currencies.

A lot of people could have achieved the kind of returned talked about above by maxing out some credit card for lack of better credit. Even better returned could be achieved with some altcoin. Altcoins are cryptocurrencies which aren't Bitcoin, alternatives to Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies are the best financial investments of all time by a long shot. I've provided links to this in another one of my post.

Cryptocurrencies will continue on their upward trends and people who invested in it will continue to profit from them in many ways. This is my opinion. Cryptocurrencies aren't risk free, nothing is.

Our Whole Life Is An Investment

Cryptocurrencies have changed my life for the better and I'm only one of many. They are economically sound and because of this will continue shifting wealth from those who hold national currencies to those who hold cryptocurrencies.

The wealthiest have an advantage when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies because they can invest millions of dollars without any stress of losing any of their luxurious lifestyle.

It is thus much more important for less wealthy people to understand the potential profits associated with cryptocurrencies to be better able to managed their risks so as to not be too overly cautious about them and miss out on their benefits.

Most of what I've discussed in this post and previous 2 posts is unknown to most yet fundamentally drive so much of our lives.

All governments are powerful enough to take the life of any of their citizens, thus because no one is immuned from those governments' reach, there is no more logical actions for everyone to redistribute power away from governments to the individuals.

Let's work to make those fundamental truths that make everyone's life better more widely known. Let's make them more enjoyable, widespread and prevalant.

Cryptocurrencies are overtaking national currencies and I feel like these trends are pretty much unstoppable. Not everyone is currently benefiting from them directly but at some point everyone will. There's no need to wait. Learn more about them and all the ways they are profiting those who already use them.

Learning To Invest

The current post was suppose to be mostly about how to begin investing in cryptocurrencies and why it's probably better for people to spread their risks by investing in many of the top cryptocurrencies rather than highly concentrating all their investments into a very few cryptocurrencies and how this should be done taking into consideration the % of the market cap of each of these cryptocurrencies represent compared to the market cap of all cryptocurrencies. This can be seen here.

Also it was suppose to be about how spreading one's investment like this can lead to better return than solely investing in Bitcoin, the stats and possible strategies to maximized those investments with the less amount of effort possible.

This post followup to my previous one eventually come and will talk about even more than what I've already mentioned.

As an aside, I love to call crypto portfolio: "Blockfolio". There's also an app of the same name which give the total value of one's blockfolio and its real-time price fluctuation. I love this app.

Bitcoin Cash Thingy

Bitcoin Forked

I felt like I had to push back my post about how to begin investing in cryptocurrencies after I've read this post on Bitcoin Cash entitled: "Chain Death Spiral - A Fatal Bitcoin Vulnerability".

Bitcoin Cash is what is called a fork of Bitcoin. It was initiated on August 1 2017 at 12:37 p.m. UTC at block height 478558. The block height is the number of blocks since the genesis block.

Bitcoin Cash is currently the cryptocurrencies with the third largest market cap.

My post won't touch much upon who is behind the development and funding of Bitcoin Cash or speculate on their intents. A little primer on Bitcoin Cash and some of the reasons why it came to be can be found here.

Since the the fork Bitcoin Cash has its own blockchain, nodes, miners, transactions and parameters/rules completely separated from Bitcoin itself. Prior to the fork everything was the same as Bitcoin so to speak. As I said, everyone who owned Bitcoin at that moment, received the same amount of Bitcoin Cash after the split which could be transacted just the same as Bitcoin but had a different value on the exchanges.

How to access those Bitcoin Cash safely can be found here.

The reasons why Bitcoin Cash was created is because some people saw some advantages in creating it. Those who created it wanted new rules/parameters.

The Chain Death Spiral

The main point of the article on the chain death spiral post is about an hypothetical event where Bitcoin lose a substantial amount of hashrate grinding block production to an halt or at less totally unprofitable before the next difficulty retarget happens thus incentivizing an ever growing numbers of miners to begin mining Bitcoin Cash.

Block production or mining is what make transacting Bitcoin possible if there is no block production then Bitcoin cannot be transacted anymore. When there is a backlog of transaction those who pay the highest transaction fees have their transactions managed first.

The hashrate is a unit used to calculate the mining power used to mine cryptocurrencies.

The so called chain death spiral cannot occur on Bitcoin Cash because Bitcoin Cash introduced a new parameter to its difficulty readjustment. This new parameter make it so that if producing the last 6 blocks took more than 12 hour, the difficulty is immediately decreased by 20%.

Predicting The Future

If a death spiral were to occur to Bitcoin it would most probably not occur in a flash and thus it is good to try to keep track of the different data which could indicate the likeliness of such a spiral to occur.

These facts are important to know for any crypto-investors, whether they hold Bitcoin or not. Because most altcoins are paired with Bitcoin on the exchanges, if Bitcoin loses value to Bitcoin Cash this could results to good or bad things for altcoins prices.

Possibly good things if people diversify a significant part their owning to altcoins rather than just going straight through Bitcoin Cash and possibly bad things if people start selling their Bitcoin mostly to buy Bitcoin Cash without much consideration to altcoin.

If a death spiral were to occur it would be huge. It wouldn't even have to halt Bitcoin mining totally, if most miners began to mine Bitcoin Cash rather then Bitcoin, the value would eventually shift away from Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash.

Some Indicators

Let us look at some of those indicators. These are constantly fluctuating.

Bitcoin Leads

  • Price
  • Hashrate
  • Transaction Numbers

Bitcoin Cash Leads

  • Mining Profitability (not true anymore)
  • Speed Of Transactions
  • Lower Transactions Fees

Bitcoin Mining Profitability

Bitcoin Cash became more profitable to mine on August 17 due to difficulty readjustments and price rise though this isn't the case anymore. The difficulty readjustments and sudden hashrate jump had resulted in Bitcoin Cash blocks being found at a much faster rate than 1 every 10 minutes.

This can play a role for people looking to profit from the arbitrages between different cryptocurrencies and exchanges due to transaction being process faster on Bitcoin Cash.

The fact that a Bitcoin mining profitability become higher doesn't mean that everyone will instantaneously switch from mining one Bitcoin to the other. If the price remains the same, the more hashrate is being dedicated to mine a coin, the less profitable it becomes.

Miners who consider Bitcoin to be a better software or currency than Bitcoin Cash will probably be switching to mining Bitcoin Cash whenever its more profitable but sell their Bitcoin Cash mining reward to the highest bidders as soon as they receive those rewards. This will lower Bitcoin Cash mining profitability until some equilibrium is reached.

This Is What Peaceful Revolution Looks Like

In the end, the software with the biggest advantages should gain more investors and miners making it the most valuable of the 2.

Obviously developers from both parties have argued their solutions or software is the most logical one. The vast majority of longtime developers (coders) of the Bitcoin open source software are currently coding and supporting Bitcoin.

Ultimately I don't know which way it will go but I know there's a lot of money to be made for those who will predict it correctly. I prefer to go for the path that seems less risky instead of risking all on one coin.

Bitcoin Cash Distribution

Most of the Bitcoin Cash coins about 300K have been gobbled up by the top bracket of 121 addresses. [source]

One other interesting thing to note is that the wealth of Bitcoin Cash have concentrated further into the hands of the richest. The latest numbers are showing pretty much the same as the picture above is showing. Up-to-date stats can be viewed here.

Working Toward A Better World

Delegated Proof-Of-Stake

In my previous post, I've touched upon DPOS or delegated proof of work which is a new way for cryptocurrencies to create blocks. One of the main advantages DPOS have over POW mining (proof-of-work) coin like Bitcoin is the speed and efficacy at which they operate.

The fastest POW cryptocurrencies can currently process less than 100 transactions a second while using megawatts of electricity.

One of the fastest POW coin is Ethereum which produce a new block every 15 seconds or so. DPOS cryptocurrencies like Bitshares, Steem and soon to be EOS, produce blocks every 3 seconds or so, at a very small fraction of the energy costs and with current possibilities of doing hundreds of thousands of transactions a second.

Announcements have been made by @dantheman (here) and @eosio stating millions of transactions a seconds are to be expected in the near future and Steemit Inc have stated the same if somewhat indirectly here.

Currently Steem processes more than double the number of transactions Bitcoin does daily. [source 1, 2]

Just like cryptocurrencies have clear advantages over fiat currencies which make then undeniably better for most case situations, DPOS coin have some clear advantages over POW coins which make them able of many feats POW coins will most probably never be able to achieve due to some fundamental limits behind the technology.

Fundamental Changes Come From Within

For now the inherent mining incentives of POW coins with Bitcoin leading the way have given birth to the most lucrative industry of all-time bringing a lot of financial wealth for most people who invested so far.

The whole cryptospace have greatly benefited from this mining industry POW generated and I think it is fair to say DPOS and every advancements in this cryptospace is a benefit to everyone.

I don't think any cryptocurrencies is ultimately better than all of the other currencies all the time. Sometimes, even an informal IOU of some x amount of resources or x hours of labour can be superior to any cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency's whole history is very inspiring. We are currently witnessing humanity's biggest shift in power from governments to the individuals. This shift is benefiting everyone though its reach is not very obvious to most yet.

But crytptocurrencies are just a tool, a tool among many tools humans have created to influence the world to their liking. In the end, money is a tool human have created. The economy should serve humans, not the other way around and that's in part what cryptocurrencies are helping us reverse.

Governments are ruling like the allmighty on this planet. The situation humanity is in is either of their design or because of their lack of control to bring about a better world. It is the duty of each of us to create the world we long for but as long as governments rule nothing can ever fundamentally change and expecting anything from political promises and leaders is a real waste of energy.

"Since we can't know what knowledge will be most needed in the future, it is senseless to try to teach it in advance. Instead, we should try to turn out people who love learning so much and learn so well that they will be able to learn whatever must be learned." - John Holt


Voluntaryism is a philosophy which holds that all forms of human association should be voluntary.

Voluntaryism is what I'm looking to bring about no matter how challenging this is because all other options are clearly worst. I love this video. I think it's a nice tongue in cheek representation of what it looks like to be heading in the opposite direction of voluntaryism.

EOS T-Shirt

I bought this awesome t-shirt. I'm not sure but I think it gives some sort of superpowers and that's close enough for me.

One day the things we'll wear will all be made of sustainable materials, harvested, transformed, sewed, printed on and delivered by drones entirely built by 3D printers and paid by cryptocurrencies but for now the best place to get this shirt is to contact @rubenalexander and plus don't forget, it potentially give some superpowers.

There's currently nothing on the back of the shirt but if I were to buy another one I'd asked him if he could add the words "decentralize everything" on the back. He might be able to do it. He has many more awesome designs and Steem t-shirt too! Check them out here! Reply here to place an order.


Two Steemians have drawn me this week and I must say I'm very flattered. Their drawings are simply mind-blowing. Support them if you'd love to see them do more of them.


The vast majority of what I read is coming from Steem but I still brows more than half a dozen subreddits daily and many dozens other websites. Here's the introduction of a very interesting post by @alkemix I've read this week. I particularly love the introduction but the whole post is awesome.

A total eclipse of the Sun is perhaps the greatest cosmic spectacle anyone can experience in their lifetime.

That is, of course, other than the great daily cosmic spectacle of the Sun rising, arching overhead and setting, with the attendant splays of colors, and of course the nighttime stellar masterpiece as its ruler the Moon ebbs and flows through its cycles. People hardly notice such magnificent gifts of Nature anymore.

I also really enjoyed watching two newly posted article about one of the biggest cryptocurrency mining farm. It has pictures and video and they are impressive.

A friend of mine also send me this post:


After reading @jockey's first post on 911 I've randomly re-stumbled upon this thought provoking video.

This video and eclipse event reminded me of this even more thought provoking video.

The information contain in this video seems to demonstrate a celestial event pointed out in the Apocalypse that is about to occur on September 23rd 2017. Apocalypse, literally meaning an uncovering, is a disclosure of knowledge or revelation. [source: wikipedia]

I do not know why this celestial event seemed to have been pointed out and I don't pretend to know either.

I do not know why the bible was created and who are the human who created it and I don't pretend I do either but I know science has proven the old testament and Hebrew alphabet are full of very impressive scientific knowledge most people know nothing about.

The information contained in the video below is an excellent primer on the subject, uses the scientific method to demonstrate what it claims and of all the information contain in this post is probably the most fascinating.

Now that doesn't mean much about the upcoming celestial event but I found it interesting to share this video and spread this sadly obscured knowledge about our past heritage that a lot of our ancestors weren't as ignorant and senseless myth-believing persons as the current ruling elite/social engineers want us to believe but in fact were much more scientifically knowledgeable than most people realize today.

But this is an whole other topic in itself and probably warrant its own post.

The same friend who send me the eclipse related post also send me this video:

I don't know what everything mean and critical and rational thinking are my main guides in life but I try avoiding pretending to know what I don't know.

"I can't know what anything means in its totality as it has infinite depth. Sometimes we speak as if we can as it is a matter of convenience or habit." - Jake Kotze


I've resume running or at least re-started doing more volume. Connect with me on Garmin Express. There's not much of my training there yet but I'll try to put all my future trainings. Results for most of my races can be found here.

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Very interesting article, cryptocurrencies will definitely change the world for the better but we also need to change our mindsets and help people wake up in order to see the truth. This world is full of greed due to people being lost in their own minds. Cryptos are one part of the puzzle but we need to spread awareness also to help people become authentic which would make the world a much better place and seriously decrease mental suffering caused by their deluded beliefs and insecurities. If everyone was their true selves, we would live in a balanced world with no violence.

Nice comment That's true.

I also agree @conditionsdminds. All people should open their minds in order to create not only a better world but also a better tomorrow. The decisions we make now will affect our future, so it is indispensible to see cryptocurrencies as another way to provide safety to this world and all people who deserve it.

It seems all industries need to be decentralized to protect others involved. This is where cryptocurrencies are going to rule the world. Which is everywhere. Great detailed post.

I see a lot of this kind of ideas but I don't see evidence of mass adoption of decentralization. It would be great if things moved in that direction but we just don't know. I want to know why people say it like it is fact. I'm really trying to understand which is why I ask.

Everything is so new and we are early in this industry. The reason why it is like fact is because governments and organizations are controlling and owning way too much. Have too much influence and information. Decentralization will bring power, security, and control back to the people.

Thank you for your response, I surely do appreciate it. It already has to a small degree has given a small semblance of power back to people. My only concern is how long will governments allow it and not use their force to heavily regulate and tax it. Which the IRS is already considering Bitcoin an asset. Having guns will not help us to fight governments for personal control. They have access to any weapon imaginable. So, while I think this is a wonderful tool for now there is no way to know for how long and what could happen to this movement in the future.

Ya you are absolutely right. I say to my friends, once Bitcoin has the safety feeling such as putting your money with a major bank, then it will take off like no ones business. The thing with Bitcoin is you can use it in so many countries, once it is adopted worldwide completely, most will do business everywhere anonymously. Will be pretty tough to regulate but they will on all who want to pay the tax! Which will be majority of citizens until some new movement starts to change the way people think. Lots of questions but only benefits for us really so that's what is exciting I think.

Yes but then again you are fortune telling in terms of the future. I am not criticizing you. I say this because I have read the term being used in the "movement" critical thinking and it has a very real definition that I do not see applied. I see emotional reasoning being applied. Entirely different.

Yes you are right. This is my opinion of course and there is still uncertainly, just what I think is the case. Once we have some more certainty with more security, I am going in full force! Love your comments btw, great discussion here :D

I appreciate your respectful tone very much :)

I did appreciate this discussion too.

"Emotional reasoning is a cognitive process by which a person concludes that his/her emotional reaction proves something is true, regardless of the observed evidence."

Emotional reasoning - Wikipedia

@teamsteem, this is a very great article about cryptocurrency. I recently got interested in investing in some of the undervalued cryptos. But I need some more lectures from some of you professionals in the crypto world.

PS: Beyond what was written here, I felt related with your human nature. You shared about cryptocurrency, but the underlying tone was filled with warmth and humility. Got me captivated. Keep it up. 👍

It is the best thing since the birth of the internet and is spreading like a wildfire globally. As long as the network is up and running, no one can stop the proliferation of cryptocurrencies. These digital saviors cannot be controlled, manipulated, and compromised. They are like the virtual gladiators of the human race.

Just imagine the vast and open distances that these coins can travel and make impact on those who are involved. The outcome is unimaginable.

Wow, this post! The best word to describe it, other than wow, is Event. Your post is an event and I have officially just become team teamsteem (super fun to say ten times!)

First I'm going to tell you how I came to this post:
Linda and I became friends quite awhile back and it's a friendship that is deepening into the kind that lasts to the 'rocker on the porch' days (picture two old ladies in rocking chairs gabbing about the good old days and you'll know what I mean lol) :)
I was reading through the comments on Linda's 1000 follower milestone post, actually for two reasons: One was to take a look at what a certain member who works for steemit had to say, after learning some disappointing things about him and how he's using his flag to censor people who believe that vaccinations are harmful. Needless to say I am not team sneak.
The other reason I was perusing the post was to find other like-minded individuals and I came across this comment: It's good to see you're in the know about this topic. I'm looking at everyone who's commenting here I had two reactions to this, the first was to grin at finding the most like-minded comment I could have hoped to find LOL, and the second was 'Is that Steve Carell's son?' Your thumbnail looks like a cuter, younger Evan Almighty hahaha!! Although your witness picture broke the illusion a bit, you're still cuter and younger but not quite as much of a likeness to Carell hee hee.

Okay, back to your Event of a post. You did a great job of talking about cryptocurrency in laymen's terms, I could definitely share this link with friends and family of mine who are clueless and they would have a much better idea after reading this.
I love that you brought it around to it being revolutionary--oh! I forgot, I also meant to say I loved the title and the opening picture, awwww those kids, that alone would have made me interested in reading this post.
Voluntaryist is a relatively new term to me. I'm not one for labels generally, but if I had to pick one that definitely is closest to describing what I believe. To really get an idea of who I am though, I am writing a short story series called The Playground, Reality in Fiction. I don't generally promote my stuff in comment sections, but in case you read this comment and felt like checking me out, I wanted that to be what you looked at...I have a bit of diversity going on, a novel that I'm putting through by chapter, photography blogs etc. but The Playground, that's something special. I feel like Creation itself is using me to get a message out with that, I've never been prouder of anything I've written.

I will definitely be voting for you as witness. In fact I'm so enamored with your obvious passion for so much of the same things I feel passionate about, including this site and of course the future of our world, I'm going to promote you at the bottom of my posts, Team teamsteem! (My husband likes to read over my shoulder and he's now teasing me about the 'cute' bit hahaha!)

Edit: Annndd I just realized I wrote you this outrageously long comment and the likelihood of you seeing it is pretty low considering you have over two hundred comments.... Holy crap. On one hand it would be really cool to have that kind of response to my posts, on the other reading through them would be a full time job!

Thanks for the support! I'm now following you and will be reading some of your posts.

Make sure not to forget approving my witness. You support will be of great help.

Oh I've not only voted for your witness, I've also added the suggestion for others to do the same to the bottom of my last several posts :)


I just saw your vote. I hadn't seen it at first. Thanks for asking people to support my witness. This is very much welcome! I saw that too.

People will become more aware of the importance of voting for witness with time.

Definitely. I was utterly clueless about witnesses when I first came here, but of course I was clueless about a lot of things at that time, it's amazing how much can change in nine months! The only thing that hasn't changed is that I became a steemit 'cheerleader' within the first week and while I've seen many people come and go, my faith in this platform is unwavering. To meet so many people who believe in keeping their kids out of the indoctrination station (public fool system ;), who know about the dangers of vaccinations, who believe in decentralizing--who believe the most important thing you can do is to never stop questioning...this place is a border crushing global cyber city of hope, that I think will expand to the size of a country by next year.

Come for the rewards, stay for the community? I am proud to be a part of something with a slogan that is actually the truth!

Definitely a touch up to be reckon with !
This is an INSIGHT for everyone.

I want to learn the field of digital currency trading What should I do?

youtube and do some deep reading. If you can be here, this is a good step. Good luck!

Brilliant post, as usual. I wanted to check the BTC vs BCH distribution of funds (in your article you showed that BCH favors the richest right now) so I clicked the link you sent: https://bitinfocharts.com/top-100-richest-bitcoin%20cash-addresses.html

However, I could not find the exact table which you have in your post which compares btc to bch. Using that link I only found stats for BCH...

welcome to join.. I am so interested to see every sentence you submit in this post, I am very useful to have read and see your postings, you have given me the latest knowledge and experience, I hope to keep abreast of you and will communicate and exchange information through this media , I hope you also think the same thing, have a nice day.

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I thank Life for the opportunity to live ant see all the amazing things like these happening around! What a beautiful future we are to see!

Well done! 🤙

Humans are moved by basic emotions greed, fear, compassion and empathy. Cryptocurrency will empower these emotions just many folds. Just like any other technology, it can do much good if it is used properly.

In this situation, the best thing to do il buy some coins and hold them for years. Open you wallet and probably you could find millions.

so much info - great work

Great article! Steem be with you!

Thank you for such a thorough explanation. I certainly look forward to the day when cryptocurrencies, aka the government's nemesis, do indeed overtake current dominant monetary systems.
@matthewdavid and I were just discussing the Witnesses, DPOS and POW. So, thanks for further clarification! Always learn so much from your posts!

wow this is a very weel written post, you are an inspiration to learn from hence why you always have my upvote. Thanks for sharing all these details

Nice post! You put so much efford on this it's amazing... Thank you in the name of a healty community!

Little by Little the world is changing because of Cryptocurrencies

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pretty lengthy and comprehensive article.... great job !!
i agree 100% with most of your views but i would also like to point out some ironies in not only your but virtually every analysis that i have seen so far...

i totally agree with you that we are at a very nascent stage of Crypto currency market and there will be massive changes that will come.
all these changes may not be positive!
i personally think several or rather most of the Crypto currencies will either be canabalised or absorbed by big corporates . (JP Morgan , Bank of Japan , uk , bank of america , mastercard and many more are already involved )

Several Cryptos may become obsolete or useless , there will be many frauds and hiccups (tangle tech of IOTA if proves its metal can completely make block chain tech obsolete) .... but at the end i am sure the market cap will be atleast 100X if not 1000X in next 5-10 years.
International monetary fund has predicted that in next 10 years around 10% of worlds GDP will be in form of Crypto currencies - in todays value this is more than 7 Trillion USD.

Now comes my biggest irony ( only my point of view and i can be totally wrong so..)
i personally think that the above statement is possible only if Crypto currencies come under regulation , these could be government regulation , international regulation or some other way of monitory regulation . but it is inevitable .
as the Crypto market grows government will take them seriously and sooner or later embrace but unfortunately regulate it in some or the other manner. (australia , south korea , china and russia are examples)

when this happen , Structured Money , international funds , mutual funds ,hedge funds and what not will start pouring money like crazy in crypto world and indeed 7+ trillion can not be ruled out. but the main beneficiary of these funds will be only those Cryptos that have some kind of regulations....unfortunately the exact thing that Satoshi nakamoto wanted to oppose when he introduced the thought of Bitcoin :)

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Sir can you tell me which coin can be next Bitcoin?

i have been trying to educate my nephews and nieces about crypto, i am explaining to them that when they get to my age, (late 40s), there is a very good possibility that they will be spending cryptos, i encourage them to get at least 10 LTCs each ....... it is like getting in on the internet at ground zero.

You provide great informations thank you

Thank you very much for sharing a great post

@teamsteem thank you so much, great content! I will follow ;)


I appreciate if you follow me!
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I will try to answer as much as possible.
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Regards community steemit

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A very nice and well written post that blends many elements of the cryptocurrency space!

I utterly hope that this transition from the power of the governments to the power of the people will go smooth and fast.

It is a bit worrying if you think of the long-term potential power of cryptocurrencies, it really is the only collective power that we have that can actually destroy monopolies, higher power manipulation, national greed and the ability to shift that power to the hands of the people.

However The real problem is... will governments stand idle and not retaliate when they see themselves losing that power?


I mean they have showed up with guns at peoples homes who refused to pay taxes...they have already subpoenaed Coinbase for a list of customers and want cryptocurrencies value declared as a digital asset. So...we'll see.

I liked the Post very much.
I have been following cryptocurrency since 2013. By trying to understand Bitcoin i realised how any currency or any item gets an economic value. I am trying to get more understanding from an economist perspective for these currencies. I hope to see a post on the economics part of these coins in here from you.

Look at my 2 previous posts.

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Awesome article, cryptocurrencies are changing the world. Today Bitcoin is leading and everybody is running after Bitcoin. We need to learn more about Cryptocurrencies and for sure cryptocurrencies are going to rule the world in future.
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Thank you for the enlightening post. I agree with you there so much potential for cryptocurrencies, but more importantly, you are right about the power being reduced from governments since all of them are corrupt in one way or another. Lots of useful tips which is a great reference for the future. Many thanks!

Hello teamsteem! I enjoyed your post. Many points to ponder; I love your points about helping others enter the crypto market. For many years I thought BTC was a scam, had no idea of how it was created or worked. For a person in her early fifties, it is a leap of faith. Steem is a great platform for newbies to look up information, there is a wealth of knowledge on this platform.

Thanks for the deep explanation. It helps get a much better understanding of what's going on in this technical new finalcial world which we are just witnessing.

I love this article but still I am not sure if I should buy BCC or not. What do you say?

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wow! the cryptocurrencys are the law

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Very interesting read! Crypto is indeed changing the world and helping people to live a freer live... something that scares the government. I'm totally with you... we should reduce violence and other issues that sicked this world... crypto can definitely bring the much-needed change the world needs to heal. This is just the beginning. Exciting times ahead.

Wow. Another amazing article. When you read such a post you wish to have some more capital to invest in the future.

I must say you got it squared up. Insightful too, i believe we are yet to get out all the potentials of crypto.

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Hi @teamsteem, you explained us the perfect points on cryptocurrency market. I have to read twice to make me understand about crypto. Okey my friend, thanks a lot.
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Yo seemed like you crambed in a few articles all into one Im just waiting to get into a positive with my crypto currency i have bought once thats done I'll pair my crypto with another such as USD seem like its the safest thing to do at the moment.

Incredible, I love how crypto is changing the face of things. I'm still a bit scared to dip my toe right now though! I definitely need to do more research. It's all so mind boggling to a newcomer.

The world is gravitating slowly to STEEMIT. I can't where to see where this is going to lead.

Technical aspects of cryptocurency are like a strange lenguage for the vast majority of people. I'm part of this majority, I'm trying to learn, so I have to keep this post close to me and pass it on (resteem). A solution to shrink the power of governments and increase the power of the crowd is education!

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Extremely comprehensive and useful information. Since banks and governments seems to get their eyes open to cryptos, I can't help wondering about the future of - especially - the big crypto currencies.

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Awesome post. Everyone should read it and share it.

crypto will change the world and i really hope bitcoin can keep on leading the way without a crash --thanks for your detailed info - i didn't know the problem and now will watch carefully the price in coming days and weeks.

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Crypto start to change the world not because it's manage by community nor its because of its transparency. But it gaves everyone a chance to a part of investment. If we see crypto world from afar, we see freedom, fairness and equality. However, at these moment not all has a chance or has given a chance to be part of it. In fact even crypto are now transforming into centralized system where only the big boys had a chance to earn. Good example of that is BTC. You can't mine BTC on your ordinary pc at home. However, steem become a game changer, it brings back concept of crypto

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Given it an upvote, my big problem with cryptos is that, whilst they are a great investment to use as an asset, I can't see them, any of them, ever being used to replace a currency. Simply down to the underlying problem of all currency which is intinsic value. Basically they all have the ability to fall to nothing so are never a store of value. Its for this reason i trade cryptos but save in precious metals.

another great lecture @teamsteem lately I started to become addicted with cryptocurrencys such as Bitcoin and steem.I even started to invest bitcoin because I do believe it does change my life a better future.

I do think it can do great thing for you too. Hopefully it will rise fast in the coming months and help give you a nice start.

Investing in Cryptocurrencies, even taking risks is the best investment today, because that is the future. And this platform (steemblockchain) is functional, is well structured and still has a promising future, we are gradually getting there.

Nice post Sir @teamsteem, I very much agree with your article above, that investment is very necessary in today's life. because here we are talking about the future, and as you say that, in the investing aspects of risk and loss is also very necessary to learn. Thank you for posting this Sir, is also very interesting and helpful for all of us . ;)

Really great !
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Feed the government!
Or was I looking for a different f word?

I'm not sure what you are talking about. The word feed doesn't even appear in my post.

I am talking anarchy...bad joke...

Lol Fuck The Govment..No Centralization & monopoly maaaaaan

Great post , crypto currency are changing the world , they are the future and they will be the future


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Some financial analysts claim that the crypto market is in a bubble which is geting ready to pop. What are your thoughts on that?

Also off topic but I feel like you're very knowledgeable about this matter. I'm an avid Steem user but when I try to explain Steem to my buddies, they ask "if you're not giving up your own Steem when liking new content and new Steem is constantly being created, won't Steem be over inflated?" Anothe popular one is how does Steemit make money?


Read my Steem 101 section. The very first post there. Also my last 2-3 post talked about the cryptocurrency market and trends pretty much showing we're most probably not in a bubble but are currently witnessing the greatest shift of wealth in human history.

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I am not a real proponent of rap, but this is good.

I am on my way to being majority crypto (although for some investments I have I can't go 100%) and it feels great. Plus I hate banks cos they keep shutting me down for buying bitcoin. Oh the irony! They more they make my life difficult, the more I want to be 100% crypto.

Cool EOS shirt by the way.

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Banksters aren't loving it.

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