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RE: I Allocate 2,000$+ Daily On Steem!

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Hahaha any one of us would've told the exact opposite of what @ogoowinner said!
@teamsteem, you're doing a great job by not exhausting the reward pool on your own posts and instead, bringing others up with your support.
I thank you on their behalf too!


I agree! She's awesome!

Btw @teamsteem, when you've a couple of minutes to spare, please read this:
I've found an excellent initiative that seems to align with your ideas of giving and supporting the newer users on the platform.
It's called The Deadpost Initiative, started by user @whatamidoing, where the -

  • past
  • unrecognised
  • underrated; and
  • quality posts

are rewarded after they've been paid out.
Thanks to this and @whatamidoing's efforts of producing 20 weekly posts of this kind, some quality content creators have already been identified. It's surprising to me that this helpful initiative is still not well known and supported by the Steemit community, and because of which, he's been even paying out of his pockets to award the winners.
I kindly request you to take a look at it by yourself and decide if you'd like to support it.
Thank you again!

I'll check it out.

Amazing! He'll be thrilled! :)