Town Hall Meeting recording

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For anyone who wasn't able to make it and wants to listen:

JS wants de-escalation, wants to make sure exchange accounts are secure from a soft fork freezing them... as if they were ever at risk, honestly don't think there was anything else important that was discussed.

ps. video may still be processing so hodl on


I wish instead of saying he’s not going to rush any decisions, that he’d just go ahead and do the obvious things to, at the very least, improve the morale around here. He acts like it’s the first time he’s heard these issues every time someone says something about it, which makes it absolutely impossible to move forward.

I’ve been listening to these meetings for three days now, and I’m really frustrated with the doublespeak and what feels like willful ignorance at this point. The solutions are very clear. They’ve been made clear multiple times, yet he continues to act like it’s the first time he’s heard it and essentially that he’ll think about it. Cmon, man. You’ve had time to think about it. If you’re not going to do it, go ahead and own up to it. Don’t sit around talking about being transparent while you’re scheming behind the scenes.

At this point, it all just feels very patronizing and I really don’t appreciate that sentiment at all.

I think the only thing that's important to the man right now is how the exchange could get their money back. It is like he regretted his action, but he couldn't really say it. He might be going through lot of pressure from the exchange chain who had helped him at first, in hijacking the blockchain. The way he was talking here, didn't seem like he was evils completely.

He wanted power as he has money. He wanted to show us that he can do anything so we know who we're dealing with. Instead he got a reaction from us that he ha never dreamt of, he got a lot of negative press that it's hurting his ego and now he has to face the exchanges as he lied to them. It's a good lesson for him, let's see if he has learnt something from it. He'd better!

By now, he ought to have learnt his lesson in a hard way that community that stand together could not be destabilize so easily.

He should also drop this bi polar behaviour. Posting, tweeting then deleting is not wise. He's closely monitored and everything is on the chain, evidence of his childish behaviour.

Your summary is just perfect. Thank you for saving me an hour of my time. Especially over a weekend!

It seemed to me that the entire meeting was just Sun telling us how great a 3 day powerdown works in Tron, how he can get rich people to pump the STEEM price, if we’ll just allow a 3 day powerdown here too for the exchanges. That’s all he cares about right now, which is a hard no from our end. Hence, no progress was possible.

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I wonder what pressure binance and huobi are putting on him for doing this favor and then getting them locked with risk.

CZ has distanced himself from Justin.

"So as soon as we got the feedback, on Twitter no less, we immediately withdrew the vote.”

Well, not quite.

Transparency ..... revolutionary

Very poor form all round.

It doesn't show any proof for "distancing himself". There is a small admonishment but that's it.

Maybe next time CZ will upload a video of him walking away from the TRON office. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Agree @fknmayhem - they can't do more after done a mistake. We should acknowledge that in a positive way as an example for the other exchanges. In addition it can't hurt to have partners who are loyal to our witnesses in the future.

I don't think it is guaranteed loyalty. CZ AFAIK never expressed any intent on wanting to be a political influence on tokens (no exchange wants because they may vote against their own customers). At least we know it will be harder to FUD them again about a security threat and next upgrade request they will assess a little more before the account manager even takes it to CZ to get it rubber stamped.


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That'd be cool actually. I'd like to see CZ walking on the street :D (or anyone really I like people walking in suits)

Pretty sure that if he's in San Fran he will go techbro style and wear his Binance hoodie.

Aaahh, sad, but I'd also like to see a random billionaire in a hoodie, it'd be fun.

It needs to be stated to him very clearly that it's just not going to happen. He needs to understand that. The only way it will happen is if he rides roughshod over us. (which he'll probably end up doing)

Why 3 minutes of reddit memes at the beggining? YouTube studio has features to make the video start where you want y'know

Yet the rest of the recording was a bigger meme

A blockchain constitution that guarantees freedom of speech and the sanctity of private property that would be agreeable by all witnesses is a good idea.

I can't bring myself to trust this guy. Can we have Ned back?

I liked the first part of the video the most.

"We dont use voting rights on TRON"

Goes on to explain how he uses voting rights on TRON when it suits him.

Jesus. haha

Just hot air. Nothing is being resolved. I expect we'll be in a stalemate for a few weeks and then he'll force a HF on us. Not sure talking endlessly without achieving any compromise positions is doing any good.

Affected clients should take legal action against exchanges.

@acidyo Would you mind commenting on, please?