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RE: Town Hall Meeting recording

in #jslast year

I think the only thing that's important to the man right now is how the exchange could get their money back. It is like he regretted his action, but he couldn't really say it. He might be going through lot of pressure from the exchange chain who had helped him at first, in hijacking the blockchain. The way he was talking here, didn't seem like he was evils completely.


He wanted power as he has money. He wanted to show us that he can do anything so we know who we're dealing with. Instead he got a reaction from us that he ha never dreamt of, he got a lot of negative press that it's hurting his ego and now he has to face the exchanges as he lied to them. It's a good lesson for him, let's see if he has learnt something from it. He'd better!

By now, he ought to have learnt his lesson in a hard way that community that stand together could not be destabilize so easily.

He should also drop this bi polar behaviour. Posting, tweeting then deleting is not wise. He's closely monitored and everything is on the chain, evidence of his childish behaviour.