2020 Goals


We are like 1 day away from it being a new year. 2020

This post will be about some of my goals for this year

One of the tags I use will be #jsteemit2020 and for anyone that makes a post sharing their 2020 goals i will repost every single one

  1. The first and biggest goal for 2020 is to get into the u19 Vancouver Whitecaps Academy


Another goal is to get my Drivers License (N) before march 16th


I edited this photo and out the N in my hands 🙌

Another goal is to do 10 push ups every single day for 6 months. This goal is mainly to keep me consistent on something little and prove that i can stick to it everyday for 6 months

Those are some of my goals for the year and im excited to see others goals for 2020 if anyone will post about it.

Remember, i will repost every single post that someone does about their 2020 goals with the tag #jsteemit2020

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