Mujhe juice acha lagtai hai

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hello friend kaisey hoo app saab ajj maine app ko juice kye post app dostion kye saath share kerne lagai hoo app ko bhi mere ajj kye post achi lagye gai.friend mujhe juice bhut acha lagtai hai aur yeahi app kye sheath kye lyeahi bhut acha hota hai.mujhe mango ka juice acha lagtai hai aurjuice jao bhi hoo jaise marzai friute ka faidamaand hai aur acha hai app kye lyeahi app ko yeahi fresh kardye ga app uss ka istmaal kero gai tu.mere ghar maine saab loog uss ka istmaal karte hai mere bachion bhi yeahi juice ka istmaal zaida karte hai.


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mere bachion ko bhi acha lagtai hai aur jaab maine shopphire hota hoo tu maine juice ka istmaal kartai hoo.mere dost bhi juice ka istmaal bhut zaida karte hai unn ko bhi juice bhut hai zaida acha lagtai hai.


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Oi Oi oiiiii what's that

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