Heart juice and blood circulation to keep the juice.

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badana.jpgThe fruit of Purna is the favorite of all the fruits of taste in different fruits. There is no other word to say if there is a glass of Vedana juice to meet the pain and fatigue. Along with that, there are numerous medicinal properties of Vedana. Let's know the benefits of Vedana.

  1. It is useful to provide oxygen to the heart and to keep blood flow better. Studies have shown that the increase of oxygen supply increases in the heart muscle after consuming one cup of semen per day for three months.
  2. Bedara is very beneficial in diary problems. If you can eat lemon juice twice a day, you can get rid of this problem very often.
    During the winter, you can eat lemon juice for cold fever, cold and cough.
  3. There are plenty of anti-oxidants in the bayadana, which makes your body cholesterol in control.
  4. Prostate cancer and leukemia in the prevention of skin cancer are beneficial.

This fruit very Beneficial for health .

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