Justin "MF FUD" Sun = Worst investor ever in crypto?

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Buy STEEMY for millions of dollars, 3 days later the investment is = 0 !!!

Worst investor EVER in crypto!!



Well, I can believe he sure as hell didn't expect this to happen! Let's hope a good consensus can be found

I am a little over the top, I admit that... but I didn't too expect this to happen. That "town hall meeting" Justin is going to act like a little school boy, begging to get his stake back, he will say whatever he think the witnesses want to hear.

The big question is if the witnesses will believe him after he said "token swap till tron" on the first video. I donøt think they should believe him.

The meeting will not be recorded as I understand it, but it is exciting to hear the resume and see what the witnesses decide.

Biggest scam?

HE wanted to make a quick buck at the expense of the "small bloggers" integrity... then his stake got frozen!!

I'm surprised how he handled the SF, he either didn't understand it or didn't care.

What, 🙄It really doesn't improve if it's this way, sir @lasseehlers

YEs it does... Justin FUD Sun is a fucking corrupt statist, he never wont the best for STEEM, ever... but it is still only a softfork... lets see what the final decision will be of the top 21 witnesses.