On second thoughts...

in #justinsun11 months ago (edited)

Lets hear out Justin Sun....

He might be all we have longed for, for 4 years!!!

its only a softfork... you know what you mean....

but yes he has to really read up on everything now.... and be like a school boy on that "townhall meeting" or he is forked out....

just my 2 LASSECASH ;)

Stay Blessed



We hope he can give the best on the Steemit platform, as (Danlarimer) has done

To be earnest, I don't know after that AMA.... he seemed clueless about STEEM.

I think like that, he doesn't really understand STEEM

When the rumors were circulating, people were buying STEEM,
Now that more information is out, people are loosing interest.
Let's see what the long game is.

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