My opinion on the "townhall meeting"

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.... ideally none of the 21 top witness show up.. (The trust is already broken beyond reparable)

...Second best, you just answer in text "STEEMY DON'T WANT A CEO, WE ARE DECENTRALIZED"..

... or if you really want to talk with him, then listen to him "beg" to get his stake back and him promissing there will never be a token swap to the tron blockchain and then after that, say: "STEEMY DON'T WANT A CEO, WE ARE DECENTRALIZED"..


That looks really cool, sir

I might went a little overboard, well its STEEMY drama... its only a softfork... intended for temporary use... would be fun it turned into a hardfork.

I hope this will be fine, and you are always blessed, I see a lot of things that have happened on the Steemit platform, we are very often hit downvote, I have experienced it, because I bought the sound from a bot, I have been hit by downvote from a group of communities ,, but it has passed ...

You will not be flagged on LASSECASH....

yes it will pass... but this softfork is a big thing right now... the top 21 witnesses will be too naive if they trust Justin Sun again... Justin has a reputation for treating his community and employees badly... so I don't trust he will be good for the STEEM community... but lets see what the witnesses decide.

Gave you 50000 LASSECASH POWER delegation, welcome to the LASSECASH tribe my brother!

Thank you sir, I really thank you very much, I really like the lassecash tribe, I will take care of this well and we will expand the lassecash tribe, especially in my country, Indonesia,