The Keto Diet for 3 Straight Days!

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This is of me pretending to have a good time while suffering from the sugar detox of the keto diet

#keto diet for 3 straight days

I decided to try out the #keto diet, and I wanted to share the results of how I felt during the past 3 days. I did tons of research on this diet, and was excited to get it started. Hopefully my blog will excite you to give it a try as well.

The diet that I had been sticking to for the past couple of months has been a 1500 calorie diet. I found that I was constantly hungry, and I was not able to stick to the diet at all. Not only did I not lose any weight, I actually gained 2 pounds! I went on a search of diets that helped with suppressing your appetite, hoping that that would solve my issues. That is how I found Keto.

The keto diet is a low-carb high-fat diet. The idea behind it is that your body Burns carbohydrates first. But if you are not feeding your body carbohydrates, it starts to burn the fat instead. I read report after report about people saying that their diet had definitely been suppressed, so I was definitely on board.

I had plans to start the diet yesterday, Sunday, but on Friday I couldn't wait any longer. I pulled out some leftover carne asada to eat for breakfast, and realized, I can start this diet right now if I want to. I had already started to drink my coffee filled with International Delight chocolate caramel creamer, so I knew that I would have to watch the rest of my carb intake for the rest of the day. I felt like it was now or never, and if I didn't start, I would have came up with an excuse on Sunday why it needed to wait one more day.

The rest of Friday went pretty smooth following the diet. For lunch I had two eggs with pico de gallo. Around 4 p.m. I felt the urge of maybe being hungry, so I ate a slice of bacon just in case I actually was. I ended the night with a large New York strip steak and a little bit of A1 sauce. By the end of the day I didn't want dessert for the first time in months! This diet really was curbing my appetite a little bit.

I found that I had some interrupted sleep during the night. I already don't sleep well at all, and the diet did not help the situation.

Day 2
I woke up this morning feeling just a bit hungry instead of dying of starvation like I normally did. I didn't feel any effects of the so-called keto flu, and had two fried eggs with two slices of bacon. I pulled the delicious International Delight creamer out of the fridge and dumped it down the drain, crying on the inside. Since I had no other source of creamer, I drank my coffee black with a dash of cinnamon, and was completely miserable. I continue to be full all the way until lunch, when normally I get hungry at around 10:15 am. I felt like a million bucks and that the diet was really working! It felt like I was accomplishing a lot by not eating or bye not eating or snacking all day long.

I went and did all my grocery shopping, sticking to my diet and using a shopping list. I made sure to meal plan so I knew exactly what to buy and did not deviate from that list. For lunch I had three buffalo chicken wings that I baked in the oven. They were delicious and again filled me up all the way until dinner.

At around 4:30 p.m. we went to go see the new Jurassic world in the movie theater. I had allotted to have a junior popcorn and a Coke Zero vanilla in a small while I was there. When I went through the concession line, I wasn't hungry at all, but I knew if I didn't get the popcorn and the soda that I would be extremely upset and might spoil my diet. I went ahead and got both items, and really had to force it down. I was super happy that I got my popcorn though, it is my most favorite thing in the world. The poor guy working the concession stand thought I was absolutely nuts for getting a junior size popcorn, and I was surprised with my restraint. I am no stranger to eating until I feel sick to my stomach.

By the time I got home from the movies I was not hungry at all, finally around 8:30 p.m. hunger hit and I had two and a half Trader Joe's Jamaican jerk chicken skewers. I also found that I had to force these down and wasn't as hungry as I initially thought I was.

I noticed that by the end of the night I had become exhausted and ran out of all energy. I feel like I fell asleep fast, but I did not stay asleep. All night I was up and down with restlessness.

Day 3

I think this is what they would categorize as the keto flu. I woke up exhausted from my lack of sleep. I also woke up with a headache, probably caused from my body finally detoxing off of the carbohydrates and sugars that I normally ingest. I felt sick to my stomach and not hungry for breakfast, but then thought, maybe I feel upset in my stomach because I am hungry. My wonderful fiance made me a scramble that had two eggs, a slice of Kraft singles cheese, bell peppers, onions, and a slice of ham. It is like having a mini omelette. I finally got to have my coffee with the heavy whipping cream and a dash of cinnamon. I was only able to eat half of the breakfast, still feeling pretty sick to my stomach.

The headache, exhaustion, and nausea continued as we went for our weekend hike in the West Hills of Portland, Oregon. Thank God that it is so beautiful out there, otherwise I would have been super upset about doing this hike. I felt like garbage all morning, and was feeling the full effects of the sugar detox. We were supposed to head to a barbecue joint, people's Pig, after finishing our hike, but I still did not feel well. Instead we went home and cleaned up, then headed to lunch around 1 p.m. when my fiance could not wait any longer for food.

When we got to the people's Pig, we decided to just order him a lunch and I would eat off of his plate. He ordered the beef brisket, with collard greens, JoJo's, and dill pickles. I ate some of the beef brisket, pickles, and a few bites of the collard greens, and found that I started to feel a little bit better. He enjoyed the JoJo's, and though I was a little bit jealous, I don't think I would have been able to eat them anyway based on how lovely I felt.

When we got home the nauseousness continued. I pretty much just laid on the couch all day having waves of feeling sick to my stomach. I tried to eat a few chicharrones, but found it did not settle my stomach like I thought it might.

Before I knew it it was 6:30 p.m. and my fiance was starving again, while I still felt sick. I threw together an awesome Keto enchilada bowl that I found on Pinterest, and it was absolutely delicious. I used chicken wing meat so it would be nice and moist, red enchilada sauce, green chilies, onion, Fiesta cheese, jalapeno peppers, and cauliflower rice. I was only able to eat about three quarters of the dinner.

After dinner I decided to make chocolate fat bombs to have ready during the week in case I started to not feel so bad anymore. I combined unsalted butter, cream cheese, cocoa powder, and a little bit of stevia. During the making of them I tasted it a few times to make sure it was right, and boy are they rich! Normally I can eat fudge and brownies and all that kind of stuff without having any issues, but when I took a bite of this fat bomb, it felt like that was the only bite I would be able to take. I was kind of worried that I would be stuffing myself with them, but I can see that it won't be an issue for me.

I went to sleep Restless, but finally fell asleep after a bit of tossing and turning. I was also constipated throughout the day and felt that that was also an issue of why I felt so horrible. I know that I tossed and turned a little bit through the evening but I got a little bit better sleep than the previous night.

Day 4
It is the start of day four and I still have this keto flu. I had big plans to go do my 5 mile walk today, but I feel completely exhausted like I am out of energy. Around noon I will try to walk to the library, which is about a mile away. I know that this alone will be a big feat. I still feel sick to my stomach, although the constipation finally passed, and it wasn't pretty.

So far for breakfast I had two eggs with spinach and goat cheese with my coffee and heavy whipping cream with a dash of cinnamon. I also had plans to have a slice of bacon with it, but there's no way I would have been able to eat all of that.

Let's hope I start to feel better soon.

Let me give you a breakdown of what I planned to have the rest of the week. I normally have the same breakfast and lunch all week, and then have Variety in my dinners.

I will continue to have two eggs with spinach and goat cheese, with my cup of coffee and heavy whipping cream with a dash of cinnamon. I hope to be able to incorporate a slice of bacon in there, but I won't push my luck.

For lunch I will be going with a chicken salad made of rotisserie chicken from Trader Joe's, celery, and mayonnaise. I will be eating it with a half a cup of sliced cucumber, pretending that the cucumber are some tasty crackers.

For dinners:
Monday: Denver sole fish with a stir fry of spinach, mushrooms, onions, and bell pepper. Maybe I will add a little bit of cauliflower rice if it looks like it needs a little bit more.
Tuesday: 3 chicken wings with chili seasoning and lime. The chicken wings that I got includes both the drum and the flat.
Wednesday: shrimp with stir fry vegetables
Thursday: New York strip steak with mushrooms

Friday I am going out of town to a family reunion in Wisconsin, and we'll be flying into the Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport. At lunch I will already be at the airport, so I looked up items that I can eat at McDonalds. I can either have a double cheeseburger with no bun, or a Big Mac with no bun. I will decide once I get there. For dinner, my dad wants to meet me at the Mall of America Hooters, and I found that I can get the naked wings, which are low carb but not zero carb. When you travel you have to deal with what is around you. I do not look forward to having to stick to my diet while I am out of town, and hope that it is easier than I think it is. Here is hoping!

I will not be weighing myself until Friday morning. If I try stepping on the scale I will continue to upset myself if I see it fluctuate in a way that I don't like. I will definitely keep you updated though as I am going to continue this diet for 21 straight days. Once I hit that Mark I will reevaluate if I am able to continue with this diet or if I should change it up to something like paleo or Whole30. I'm hoping over time that I will adjust to a different eating lifestyle and won't want to go back to a life that is so dependent on cake and cookies.

Wish me good luck!