What is the key factor in the WWIII?---mini drone

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What is the key factor in the WWIII?

aircraft carrier? F35 battleplane? laser weapon? or n-bomb?

I think the key factor in the WWIII will be the mini drone(UAV).

Just imagine it.

If we sen one large transport plane with thousands of mini drones(UAV) to attack the enemy bases. Each mini drone is with tiny arms. After one hour, the battle will be over.

We can also send the mini drones to attck the enemy warships. Thousands of mini drones(UAV) attack the warship. It will also just take one hour to finish the battle.

The winner in WWIII will be the country with millions of mini drones(UAV).

Lower cost , stronger attack, less casualties will be the key factor in the future.

The UAV has all the above advantages.

Who can develop a flying aircraft carrier in the future. Who will be the global powers.

The flying aircraft carrier with millinos of mini drone(UAV) can attack any countries during one day or even less time.

Let's wait and see......