MSM outrage over Khashoggi murder is telling.

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Saud Arabia is a brutal regime, propped up by the United States and bloated by gorging itself on the oil profits it has generated for the past half a century. It regularly exports terrorism in multiple forms, beheads dissidents, and subjects women and other minorities to institutionalised abuse on a daily basis. It has also been waging a bloody jihad against neighbouring Yemen for several largely unreported years.

The mainstream media know all this and choose not to report it.

Don’t you think that’s just a little weird when they can find airtime for all sorts of brain numbing crap from Justin Bieber’s latest tattoo to Princess 323rd in line for the throne seriously wasteful wedding celebration?

You could be forgiven for thinking that they really just want to distract you with bullshit while the world goes to hell in a handcart – but that isn’t fair. They aren’t that smart – they don’t think for themselves – they just read press releases. It’s a pretty good paying gig if you can get it and to be honest if I was on the sort of money some of these MSM anchors are on, I’d switch to vaudeville right on cue.

And that’s the problem MSM are mouthpieces for corporate interests.

They don’t care about morality. They don’t care about the truth. They care about protecting the interests of those whom they serve and it ain’t you.

Now, if an MSM media representative reads this they will call bullshit.

That’s OK because in their world it is bullshit. That’s where they live – in a safe gilded cage where there are doors that cannot be opened and questions that cannot be asked. Anything that dares to upset the safe cosy environment that has been created for them simply cannot be true. They are paid great sums to report the truth as supplied to them.

So why are they reporting “the truth” about the death of the mysterious Jamal Khashoggi?

Comedian Lee Camp may have the answer where in his own brilliant acerbic way he points out that Khashoggi was considered to be part of the DC elite

As Camp points out, this is not about journalism this is about something else entirely different. Camp believes the outrage is generated by the fact that someone inside the privileged circle of Washington DC “journalism” suffered such a horrible gruesome death. His life is seen as infinitely more valuable than a busload of school kids blown to pieces by Saudi rockets or independent journalist Serena Shim who died in mysterious circumstances in Turkey.

Of course in both these instances, some genuine research and digging for facts is required before making a report whereas in the Khashoggi case all of the facts were laid out neatly from anonymous sources. (Can anyone say weapons of mass destruction?) It’s easy to be outraged when all you have to do is read from a teleprompter.

It could be as simple as Lee Camp suggests – it could be that something real actually broke through that elitist bubble and shook them to the core. It could be.

I suspect though that this is only half the truth.

Khashoggi it appears was not what the Washington Post would have you believe – a freedom loving journalists daring to speak truth to power. Khashoggi was connected to all sorts of powerful people and his role at the Washington Post may well have been cover for some of his other activities for or against elements within the Saudi, Turkish or even Israeli governments.

The question is not necessarily what happened to him, but why we are being told that we should care.

If the MSM is to be believed, Khashoggi was subjected to unspeakable torture before dying in the Saudi Arabian embassy. We are meant to believe that a team of 15 crack Saudi agents flew in and prepared for this event with little regard for secrecy or stealth. In fact, you would have to say that they wanted to be seen.

It doesn’t make sense.

Saudi Arabia isn’t exactly a novice when it comes to acts of espionage or terror. If they wanted Khashoggi dead, they could have picked a thousand other ways that would have not drawn attention to them, but allegedly and according to that paragon of virtue President Erdoghan, they went ahead and performed an act of total barbarism that simply had to be detected.

I’ll say it again. It doesn’t make sense, but MSM never questions the narrative. Not once.


Saudi Arabia is a key plank in Deep State America’s hegemonic world. The links between the CIA, MI6, Israel, the Saudis and other competing interests within the Middle East are many and often intertwined.

Whatever happened to Khashoggi as well as the manufactured and coordinated media outcry against the purported crimes need to be viewed in that light. Where that leads is anyone’s guess.

If you’ve allowed yourself to be outraged against the Saudis because the mainstream media have triggered you, you need to ask yourself some questions.

• Were you outraged at the systematic bombing of civilians by Saudi Arabia in Yemen and were you even aware of it?
• Have you ever asked what happened to Serena Shim and why it happened? Do you even know who she is?
• Are you outraged by the systemic ongoing mental torture of journalist and publisher Julian Assange?
• Do you even understand the internal machinations of Saudi Arabia? Are you aware of the close ties between the CIA and the Saudis?
• Why has this become news?

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