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Hello dear all friend.!

I am very happy after knowing this contest ... but at this opportunity I want to try to participate in this contest .. hello friends everyone .. adjust to the theme of the world's children by @soulwind .. So before that, why was I interested in participating in this contest because there is something interesting here, which is about the world's children .. therefore what I want to convey here is where the characteristics of a nation, ethnic groups and regions around the world are different .. so in my area here I met a child who is not uncommon in our country who is a different eye color .... which in general in Indonesia, especially our eyeballs are brown and black .. Namu here I was surprised by this child .. I saw there were about four / five sides of different colors in his eyes .. namely brown, yellow, green, white, light blue .. and this makes me wonder !? how come here there is the color of the eyeballs like that ... I thought it might be heredity ... but after I looked it up, however, both parents were native Indonesians ... here I am even more shocked .. then I do not think long anymore maybe this is a gift this child can have this very beautiful eye color ...
Thank each and every one of you for reading through my post. I will also want to say a big thank you to @soulwind for this great and beautiful contest “Kids of the world”.

This has given me the opportunity to share short stories kids of the world.



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