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Spending the time in front of the TV screen isn't something we are often doing. Maybe sometimes, when it's raining outside, or just the last hour before going to bed, but that's it. But if it is sunny, like it was today, then we rather spend the time outside in nature.


There we daily see dozens of tiny little animals, without whom the life on the planet wouldn't bee the same. I wanted to teach the girls about the importance of maintaining the balance between plants and animals.


That's why we admire those little workers whose biggest benefit is pollination. Most agronomically important plants need to be pollinated by bees. They fly from the flower to the flower and collect the nectar-sugar solution they need for food and transfer the pollen from one plant to the other carried on their body. If the pollen doesn't come to the pestle, they don't sprout, and later there can be no seeds and fruits.


The reason for this post today was to spread the awareness, about the importance of having bees, growing flowers and blooming trees around the house. I also want to participate with my photos made with Samsung A5 in the contest described below.

*#KillerPix by @killerwhale. This week's theme: Bees

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It is really hard to shoot an insect on a flower !

This one was a really "hungry" gathering that pollen like crazy. :) She had it enough on the flower, so she didn't fly away.

very beautiful yellow flowers, very nice animals and really cool photography, upvote and resteem got me.

Thank you!

you are right @emmamia
bees are insects that are beneficial to humans, when the bees suck the pollen on the flower, so that the flower can bear fruit, the result of this suction which later a be honey which is sweet and even become a medicine for humans
I like your post

Thank you. Bees are really important for many things. But many fast-growing cities and countries don't want to accept that fact.

Are those bee hives yours @emmamia? What an unusal design.

Great post! 😊

Yes, those are beehives. They were from my grandpa, but now, after his death, only two of them survived. I wanted to make a closer photo of them, but I was with the girls, and I didn't want to disturb them during the sunny morning. This design is traditionally Slovene. If you search for photos in google "slovenski panj" you will see how many different ones there exist. :)

Do you get honey from them @emmamia?

Not me, but my grandpa did in the past. Now my uncle is trying to keep those two surviving hives. Hopefully he will have the time to take care of them in the future.

Do they need attention every day @emmamia or is it something that is seasonal? 😊

Yes our bees have been having problems for years here in the States. The experts are basically stumped as to why they are having such declines!

Hope they will find out the reason, and the bees could live like in the past. If not I think our lives will be much different in the future.

What a colorful behive....I think that's what it's called. :)

I don't know if we have a problem with bees in Canada. I don't think so. Although I have heard that their populations are dying around the world.

We have a lot of flowering shrubs and trees here.

Good luck with the contest. :)

You are right. Somewhere they are having a lot of troubles with bees being gone. I know around us there is a lot of them, and we are continuously planting more fruit trees for them. :)

And thank you very much, but I think that the competition is fierce. :)