"KILL THE PAD" CHALLENGE WEEK #10 - SPONSORED BY SMA ( This is a DSound Community Initiative )

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Artwork by @scuzzy

What is Kill The Pad Challenge?

Kill The Pad challenge is a weekly topical text based rap competition for SBD. Why am I starting a text based rap initiative? We have many creative writers in the hip hop community. One doesn't have to get onto the mic to show their prowess with lyricism. This will benefit the less experienced and the more experienced alike. Topicals are always a good exercise. It's all about elevating together, learning from each other, and growing as an artist.


This challenge is sponsored by the SMA. If you are a musician, singer, song writer, rapper, or musically inclined in any way, head over there and connect with other musicians! An invite button is at the bottom of the post.


This contest is made with help of @dsound so I can not thank enough for this beautiful initiative. Dsound is a platform connected to Steemit that allows you to upload your music and sounds in a similar fashion like Soundcloud. Make sure to join Dsound Discord channel here.

  • Upvote & Resteem this post - Shows you support this initiative and not just here for the SBD.
  • Every Sunday will be the announcement, then on Saturday will announce the winners.
  • Make a post on Steemit with your lyrics, with the first tag as #killthepad and post it here.
  • No shorter than 16 bars(lines) and no longer than 48 bars
  • Has to be submitted no later than Saturday at 3 A.M. EST. (that's early Saturday morning / late Friday night)

This weeks topic is: Honesty

Over the last few months I've had to come to realizations about myself, who I am, what I want to do in life, etc... A major part of the realization process and personal growth is being honest with yourself. I think it's a great topic and a positive one at that! Can't wait to see all the verses!

This, for now, is the guaranteed prize. Just know that these prizes will fluctuate with sponsorships, upvotes, etc. Some weeks will be much better than others..

1st place winner = 1+ SBD + 20 Points in Steem Music League

2nd place winner = ?? SBD + 15 Points in Steem Music League

3rd place winner = ?? SBD + 10 Points in Steem Music League

Remember, this is a rap competition. While most rap can be considered poetry, most poetry wouldn't be considered rap. If you are a poet, don't worry, do what you do. I will try to leave critiques for every entry and let you know what could be improved upon, if anything.

DO NOT POST LYRICS ON THIS PAGE. Please put them in your own post and the just post the link here. Thanks!!

Are you a music creator or just love music?

Steem Music Alliance. Singers, producers, everything.


Can't wait to read it brother!

Oooh I thought you read it already :) awaiting your feedback i appreciate it bro

I just want to get this straight, out of 4 entries, I did not place? was it to late?

I'm so glad I discovered this contest. It's a great new way to express myself creatively. I'm gonna try and do this every week if possible. Here's my entry for this week.

Kill the Pad | Be Honest with Thyself

Another great theme, and thanks again for hosting us!

I'm glad you discovered it too!! And it's no problem, I enjoy doing this and enjoy reading what people come up with every week... It's extremely motivating for me!

This is nice contest for you, I think this is challenge for you it will make you to improve and become best. Looking forward to see you as the first winner of the contest and to make your fans proud of you. Best of luck @jamesgetsit

I host the contest, ;)... So I don't participate. And it's been going on for a few weeks now, this is the 10th contest.

I appreciate your support though!

Saya akan selalu mendukung postingan anda.
karen postingan anda selalu bermamfaat bagi pengguna steemit.
saya tunggu postingan selanjutnya.

Wow.. This is a great contest for you. I think this challenge will make to see the best of you. Looking forward to see you as the first winner of the contest and to make we your fans proud of you. Best of luck @jamesgetsit.

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