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This is my entry for @jamesgetsit's Kill the Pad contest which is a weekly text based rap challenge. The theme this week is honesty which is an intriguing subject. I spun some of my thoughts on what honesty or truth means to me in this rap.

The Entry


The Inspiration

The first few lines are inspired by a Pink Floyd song with the lyrics,

Green is the colour of her kind.
Quickness of the eye deceives the mind.

I found the play on the old saying really interesting, and thought I'd expand on that to illustrate how dishonesty can occur in several stages or layers. It's not all negative however, so the rap then shifts into what honesty means to me.

Krishnamurti says truth is a pathless land which is echoed by Alan Watts. What that means is that truth is limitless and unconditional and cannot be approached by any single path whether it's religion or meditation. There's no singular truth because truth is a vast confusing all encompassing entity. I resonate with this because I think that truth can also be relative depending on who's interpreting it, and as such there's no single way of approaching it.

Here's some examples of how truth is relative.

9pg8rHn (1).jpg

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Who's right in those pictures? Does someone being right automatically mean someone else is wrong? I don't know the answers to these questions, but I know that I can make my own reality based on the choices I make.

Don Juan says to Carlos Castaneda,

Every road leads nowhere,
but what matters is you follow a path with a heart.

I've always loved that quote because in the end all that matters is that you're honest with yourself to find a road in life that you enjoy being on. Of course some people don't have a choice in what roads they can walk, but I wanted to communicate that according to me, being honest to yourself is the key to grow, prosper and thrive.


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This is awesome! Hey could I set some of this to music and post? I would credit you as lyricist and split liquid post payout with you... :)

Hey, Carl! Thanks for checking this out. It'd be an honour and privilege if you set this to some music. This is why I love steemit, the community vibes and spirit of collaboration are so amazing here. Can't wait to hear what you come up with!

Okay awesome. I have a few other collaborations floating around right now so not entirely sure when this will actualize, but I was very inspired reading your lyrics and at some point in coming week(s) will set them to music! Yay!

Get to it at your leisure. I'm just stoked you were inspired by this!

Damn man, really cool. When's the album dropping?

Haha, that gif is amazing! That's my life right there.
Dunno about albums dropping but perhaps I'll get into some music colabs in the future.

Like the flow of this rap and I "heard" it as I was reading it. I think it would be awesome if someone really performs this.
But I'm a bigger fan of the message. I was reflecting on a similar theme for a post written in a local language: One can only fall into despair once he betrays his personal truths.

... in the end all that matters is that you're honest with yourself to find a road in life that you enjoy being on.

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Thank you! It's cool that you could bring it to life in your head. Perhaps Carl will make a great song with this. I'd love to hear an interpretation of my lyrics too.

James has great themes for his contest. It's a good opportunity to reflect and come up with rap that isn't what we're used to in the mainstream. I love the quote you wrote here too. Steemit is such a great place for inspiration and reflection!

That would be rad. I wonder how Carl will do it. He Jazz's sometimes. Does Jazz-Rap exist? haha. (google says yes ... and it's lovely)
Steemit is indeed a great place for inspiration. Since I joined, I started rediscovering my forgotten passions. And no, it's not yet on my blog XD but hopefully soon.

Jazz rap sounds like an amazing combination. If you think about it Jazz legends like Ella Fitzgerald had pretty amazing flow.

Awesome that you've found old passions. Turning ideas into posts can be hard work! I'll keep an eye on your blog for when those passions make their way there.

Wow, you brainfucked me with this one, I feel like I'm not even entitled to comment on this piece of art. I like how you elegantly put in a multi... How long have you been rapping?

Thanks! Brain fuckery is high praise indeed.
I don't really consider myself a rapper. I love certain kinds of hiphop, and making words rhyme but I'm not confident enough to try rapping for now. I've written some rhyming poetry before, but I'm only really getting into rap through these contests.

Maaan you can easily rap trust me you got it in you :D lyrical beast you only need the body to feel it and you got a mix for breaking brains around the world with masterpieces ;)

Thanks man. That's really encouraging. Perhaps some day I'll give it a shot.

The way you feel is best :)


Dunno about the pad but you definitely killed it with this one.

Thanks a bunch. Rhymes are fun :)

Do you know Akala? He's this wonderful British rapper who is all about perspective, truth, race, religion. His words make you want to hang on to every word while he raps so you get the whole picture. I can see the same kind of feel here.

I'm listening to his song called Find no Enemy now, and wow! His lyricism is so amazing! This is honest rap at it's core. Thanks for the suggestion, definitely keeping him on my playlist. I'm honoured to even be compared to him.

Isn't it? Find no Enemy is one of my favourites as well. I had the fortune of chancing upon him at Bombay and got to know him by being a part of the mosh pit. It was a small concert in a small bar but some hardcore groupies were there. He's my favourite rap artist. Sun Tzu is another favourite, check it out!

Nope, haven't come across him. Looking him up now. Rappers with similar ideologies I love are Hugo the Poet and Mr.Lif.

Get in Alex' setup and try rapping some of your stuff! I'm sure you'll discover you've got some Akala in you.

I understand nothing about rap bit I may say the format is excellent and the rhymes catchy

I'm not sure I understand all that much about rap either. I just enjoy making words rhyme. Thanks though for the positive feedback, I appreciate it.

Dope opening and closing, I think this was better than 1st place bro. Nice 1 2 punch with your rhyme scheme! Have you tried to record your vocals?

Thank you. I kinda feel that other authors have a more personal writing style and really make their verses unique to themselves which is why I think they deserved the win. Means a lot that you think this is good though. It gives me the confidence to keep writing raps. I haven't tried recording my vocals yet. Perhaps someday I'll give it a shot.

Great verse you got here. Really nice concept and expressions. Looking forward to reading more of your content.
Congrats on the Curie vote. So jealous lol

Thanks! Haha, no need to be jealous, you kill the pad every week with your eloquent verses. So you're defintely #winning too!

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