The Likeness - A Short Poem by Another Poet

in #kindness4 years ago

Life is waiting for those who choose to live.

A likeness, a kindness, a type of kindness only found in the likeness of a likeable guy.

The truth, the truthful trustworthiness of trustworthy people.

Knowing we're not knowing or knowing what’s not to know where yes is no or yes is yes or no is the simply answer to knowing.

Light glimmering chiming shining amidst the darkness the doom and gloom of darker days.

Strength fortitude bravery compassion for other human beings love of life or love of love for learning to love in life indeed.

I've been around for many years but what have I learned?

I've learned to love and laugh.

I've learned that time goes too fast.

I've learned to hug and tickle.

I've learned to walk a steady path less fickle.

The angel headed hipsters that walk the starry dynamo look at the stars in ponder why do they speak no more.

My friends I say to you what is it to be a friend it's a friend who listens a friend who helps, a friend that guides the way through life and lends a helping hand.

Final Thoughts

This is a short poem I wrote the other day... It was made as a stream of consciousness and it comes from a happy and positive state of mind. I hope this gets the imagination flowing here. Drop a comment and let me know what you think!

Another Poet