My First Blogpost ...Kiwi from Auckland finally got my Steemit Account

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Hi Steemians!

My name Is Shan Iyer I am 34 aspiring writer/musician/Youtuber residing in beautiful sunny Auckland, New Zealand.

I am currently working no less than 4 different writing projects and a musical concept album of eastern/western fusion metal/ influences include NIN/MM/Tool and of course the immortal Shah-en-Shah of Qawwali Nusrat Khan


NIN logo.jpg

My writings include A Dystopian Science Fiction series, Arabian Science Fantasy, and

Two Non-Fiction Social commentaries the problems of Capitalism and Neo-Liberalism (at this moment deemed "World and Revolution" currently residing at a semi-edited 184 pages)

As well world and revolution I am scribing another text called "A Presentation of three scenarios" detailing explanations of past present and a convergence of in which what desirability our future should be definable in....

The 4-page synopsis of the Arabian Science Fantasy is almost finished in a first draft and will post within a week

In my spare time, I voraciously read ...mostly (Science fiction, history and various economic and political theory and biographies of Lenin/Marx) and peruse the audiophile waves on Spotify and play video games like No man's Sky...

My intentions are on Steemit is to produce interesting written materials pertinent to the cocnept of realising Revolution.

revolution-fist 2.gif

I found Steemit through a friend and hope to one day get my writings published and maybe my fiction into films...



Kia ora! I'm a Westie, living out in Henderson. I've only been on Steem for less than 2 months now, but I'm learning new tricks every day. Welcome to the neighbourhood. I found you through the Kiwi Weekender curation newspaper, where you were one of the featured profiles. It's definitely a good idea, as a n00bie, to follow @teamnz and join the Discord group, as @ravenruis has suggested. That was the biggest help to me in getting started on Steem. After that, check out the Peace Abundance and Liberty (P.A.L.) group on Discord who are also very helpful, and who run the Minnow Support Project. Or is that MSP runs PAL? I'm not sure. 😆 Either way, do check them out. They have regular scheduled internet radio shows (see here for details) and unscheduled "pirate radio" broadcasts. There is a lot to see and do here on Steem. The main thing is, more than Facebook or Twitter, this is a community, in fact, it is a community of communities! Enjoy your time here.

Welcome to Steemit, fellow kiwi. :)
Good timing, as August is our unofficial NZ Book Month to promote local authors!

As you are a fellow kiwi I wanted to drop off an invitation to our NZ group in Discord. We'd love to have you join us, to be able to take advantage of group things and connect with other kiwis. :)

tanz invite sml.jpg

(if the link has expired just yell out and I'll issue a fresh one)

We also have a @teamnz profile you could follow if you like, and keep up to date with news and other kiwis - we publish twice a week.

raven sml.png
(artist unknown)

Welcome! I'm guessing you already know two of our resident kiwi musicians - @kaykunoichi and @podycameron - but mentioning just in case. Looking forward to more of your writing.

Arabian science fantasy sounds very interesting, would love to read your work when it's available! Best of luck with your work and any endeavor you set yourself to!

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