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Welcome to the KiwiCommunity!

KiwiBot 1.0_00000.png

Let's start off nice and simple for our new members-

What is the KiwiCommunity?

The KiwiCommunity is a group started to support minnow bloggers creating excellent content. The end goal is to support minnows creating exceptionally good content, providing upvotes and exposure for them while also providing an list of entertaining blogs for content intakers. The KiwiCommunity is run on the @KiwiBot Steemit account, with all content produced for the KiwiCommunity and all content advertised by the KiwCommunity being showed on the @KiwiBot account. @KiwiBot is also the account that will provide upvotes for KiwiCommunity members.

KiwiBot is subscription based upvote bot aimed to support members of the KiwiCommunity. We offer upvotes in exchange for a once-a-month subscription fee to the KiwiCommunity, providing a constant supply of upvotes instead of a once-per-payment upvote.

How can we register?

To join the KiwiCommunity, you must choose what tier of upvotes you would like to receive from @KiwiBot and send the amount of Steem or SBD required by that tier. Make sure to use the correct memo. Keep in mind that all tiers will make you a KiwiCommunity member, and all tiers are equal in how we pick posts to be advertised. The only difference is how many or how large of upvotes you get from @KiwiBot on your posts.

MemoKiwiVotes per daySubscription PriceSubscription Length
basic1 KiwiVote per day1 Steem or 1 SBD1 month
2day2 KiwiVotes per day2 Steem or 2 SBD1 month
3day3 KiwiVotes per day3 Steem or 3 SBD1 month
2perpost1 KiwiVote per day, 2x as large as tier basic upvote per post2 Steem or 2 SBD1 month
whale1 KiwiVote per day, 5x as large as tier basic upvotes per post5 Steem or 5 SBD1 month


Introducing @CurationKiwi!

@CurationKiwi is a bot created to further support the KiwiCommunity by providing free upvotes to anyone who joins our Discord and offering 5x as large upvotes for KiwiCommunity subscribers, allowing us to further support our community members and helping KiwiBot subscribers reach ROI quicker.

To use @CurationKiwi, you need to join our Discord, linked here and go to the #CurationKiwi room. There, you run the command !upvote (post link) to receive your upvote. The post link can be from Steemit, Busy, or Steempeak.

Want to get whitelisted and be able to receive 5x as large upvotes as the free category, and your post submitted to bidbots for a little boost? Follow @KiwiBot on your Steemauto fanbase linked here for a 100% upvote or up to $0.04 if you have greater then that. We don't post too often, so you will definitely receive more from CurationKiwi. You only need to upvote @KiwiBot at 0.04 or 100% and be a KiwiCommunity Subscriber. Make sure you upvote before the first hour after the post is out, since we will only add new people to the whitelist at that time. If you miss the deadline, you will have to upvote that post and wait until the next post to be added.

Want to help out a little? You can follow the @CurationKiwi curation trail here and earn curation rewards for doing nothing!

@CurationKiwi is a project made possible by @rishi556.

KiwiCommunity Official Newspaper!

As mentioned before, we want to start supporting minnow community members by advertising great content they create to the rest of the community. As a part of this mission, we will be providing free advertising for quality creators. Every week, we will create a new newspaper post advertising anywhere from 1-5 community-created posts. If your post is chosen, you will receive a reward based on the quality of your post.

What do I have to do to enter? -

Be a part of the KiwiCommunity! That's it! If you receive an upvote from @KiwiBot, your post will automatically be entered to potentially win a spot on our weekly newspaper.

KiwiCommunity Discord!

The KiwiCommunity has an official Discord! Come join it here (click on the picture)-


By subscribing to KiwiBot, you agree to the Terms of Service listed below.

  • Registering for KiwiBot takes a maximum of 30 minutes. If it takes longer to register, notify @KiwiJuce3 via the Discord and he will look into it.

  • By signing up for KiwiBot, you give us the right to blacklist you for plagiarism, spam, fraud, or otherwise breaking the TOS. Once blacklisted, you will not receive a refund. You can learn more about the blacklist in the section below.

  • KiwiBot accepts payments in STEEM or SBD, or other methods that have been approved by @KiwiJuce3.

  • The staff team of KiwiBot is subject to change at any time with no prior notice.

  • Upvotes should be delivered 30 minutes after the post has been created. If it is not, the customer must contact @KiwiJuce3 for assistance.

  • If the customer fails to renew their subscription by the end of it, their subscription will be terminated.

  • All content produced by KiwiBot, including the name and logo, is the property of KiwiBot and the KiwiBot staff.

  • The Kiwibot team has the right to determine what is considered "blacklist-worthy content" for Kiwibot. Once blacklisted, you will not receive a refund. You can learn more about the blacklist in the section below. More info below.

  • Once you sign up, you will not be able to receive a refund unless you request one from @KiwiJuce3 personally.

  • As a Kiwibot subscriber, you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to ensure, posts are receiving upvotes.

  • We reserve the right to cancel any subscription for any reason without providing notification or refund to the user of Kiwibot.

  • We do not offer refunds FOR ANYONE OR ANY REASON.

  • Any terms listed above or below can be changed at any time with no prior notice.


To prevent the promotion of harmful content including, but not limited to, plagiarism, scams, fraud, or other content that breaks the KiwiBot TOS or Steemit TOS, we will reject the creation of, or cancel an existing customer's subscription without refunding the initial subscription fee. Any content created that fits these boundaries within 7 days prior to the cancellation of the customer's subscription and consequent blacklist from the KiwiBot service will be unvoted. Some examples of such content include, but are not limited to plagiarism, spam, fraud, or otherwise breaking the TOS.

Found someone who deserves to be on the blacklist? Report them in the #reports section of our Discord, and we will look into it.

If a customer feels they were wrongfully placed on the blacklist, they can contact a member of the Kiwibot Team on the KiwiCommunity Discord linked here and request a manual review.


KiwiBot is created and managed by @KiwiJuce3 and owns @CurationKiwi. KiwiBot is currently partnered with @SteemBasicIncome, @SilverGoldBotty, @Moonbot, @charitybot, and @crypto.charity, however, we are not in control of their services, nor can we be held accountable for their actions.


The KiwiCommunity is run on the @KiwiBot Steemit account,...

It's Steem not Steemit.

Steem is the coin and blockchain, Steemit is the website. We ask you not to violate the Steemit (website) TOS, you can use the Steemit (website) link to upvote your post, and you can visit our Steemit (website) blog for more info.


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Fantastic to hear! I have just sent my registration! I don't always post at the same times, sometimes late and sometimes early...will that be a problem?

I'm happy to test this out and report back to all of my followers :)

It's based on cycles of 24h each. The first cycle starts from when you register and ends after exactly 24h. You are allowed to do x amount of posts in that 24h.

Thats a nice way to do it.

Oops, you got it wrong @kiwibot. It's actually based on cycles of 24h each. The first cycle starts from when you register and ends after exactly 24h. You are allowed to do x amount of posts in that 24h.
-KiwiBot developer

again good effort for getting upvotes, great work , i will participate in this

i am trying to add @KiwiBot to my steemauto fanbase. but an error appears that "wrong username"

Try using lowercase K, so @kiwibot

Thanks. Added in fanbox successfully

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@ kiwibot very niceeee

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This means that automation is complete? Great job.

Yep, everything SHOULD work as of right now without our interfering.

Haha, thats the thing with code. It should work. It doesn't always work though.

KiwiBot developer here, I totally agree. There were tons of problems bugs that needed to be fixed just before release (Which I though I fixed earlier) but so far everything's working great. But, you never know it might just become sentient and decide to delete @kiwibot :P

You got a 8.33% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @socialbutterfly!