KNITRIAS PROJECT: Week 02 (Steem Economy)

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Economy and engagement

We are on the beginning of the second week of activities on the Knitrias Project. It's been a start plenty of emotions, conversation and wonderful content. As every first step in our lives, we are testing the ground, creating the first contact and registering the lessons of the path we advance. We have now our first contributions to the challenges Branches of Longevity and Open Source with three publications each one. Great conversations have taken place in the posts of the week by the Members.

This week we will be talking about two important aspects which will be interrelated in the work of this group as they are in general in the Steem ecosystem. The first is the Economy of the blockchain and the second is the value of posting and the engagement on the comments. So, I hope to be brief and clear, there are many numbers implied.

The Steem economy

The economy is conformed by the production of Steem at a certain rate which now is 2.3% annual but it decays with time. Each day this inflation produces which is commonly known as the pool. The other part is the distribution of the Steem on this pool, which is decided by the upvotes and also the downvotes given in a certain day by the users according to their staked Steem, known as Steem Power. Each account has a voting power which dacays ~2% with each 100% upvote (voting percentage), this mana regenerates at 20% each day.

Other part of the pool pays interests in Steem Power to the stake holders and other part is reserved for the development of the blockchain through the Proposal System. As many other coins in blockchain projects, there's a possibility to burn some of these tokens by transferring them to the @null account in order to balance the overall economy and preserve the Steem price.

When a user votes on a post it produces a value known as Steem Token Unit (STU) which constitutes the potential reward of posts and comments, it's the number shown on each publication with the symbol $. During a period known as the 7-day window this number may fluctuate depending on the votes received and the price feed (median value from the past 3,5 days) of Steem. After exactly seven days the payout is released (a post will receive votes only during 6 and 1/2 days). First these tokens are divided 50% as author rewards and 50% as curation rewards for all the voters according to their shares on the vote for the post.

The STUs are converted in three types of tokens:

Steem Power (SP): 50% of the author rewards for the post are staked Steem (The author can choose to receive 100% in Steem Power setting this at the moment of the publication).

Steem and Steem Backed Dollar (SBD): The other 50% of the author rewards are liquid, this means that they are transferable between accounts or to exchanges. According to the price of the Steem at the moment, the blockchain will determine how the liquid rewards will be split between Steem and SBD, a token which price is always near to 1 usd and its function is to stabilize the price of Steem.

All the curation rewards of one post are distributed in SP for the voters.

Any post or comment with less than ~ $0.02 of potential payout will be considered dust by the blockchain and those rewards will be lost.

The engagement strategy

The Steem price is determined by the trust of its investors (every person using and staking in the platform and those who buy Steem) on the value of the content, social interactions and development possibilities for applications and business models that can be implemented on the top of the Steem blockchain.

For the Knitrias Project is important to work in the value produced by the content and the interactions generated by the comments of its Members. In order to receive curation rewards each account has been supported by a delegation of 200 SP (stake assigned now to the Members) to vote on posts and comments by the fellow Members (at least 50% of the daily vote) and multiply this possibility. The author rewards on posts and comments on the working group will increase also with a good voting strategy to avoid dust payouts.

As we see, the Steem Power delegated to the accounts could be used to distribute rewards for the Members if it's used at its best potential, in this way the Members can achieve the goals of the project at a good pace. This in the midterm for the project will bring a good evaluation of the viability of the project and in the long term the opportunity for more people to benefit with the program.

The recommendation for this week is: according to the time and disposition of each member, to give some minutes to the review new posts re-steemed by @Knitrias to vote on those posts and also on comments by the Members generated on the posts. Search and vote for comments on the 7-day window that have some votes but have not passed the dust threshold. If time allows you can add to the conversation thus generating the possibility to be voted on your comments also.

@Knitrias account is trying to optimize the SP at its disposal and it's voting more comments than posts but needs the help of the Members to generate rewards on those comments. This week thanks to the Open Source challenge we will know some tools to help in this searching work.

Contributions of the week

The last week the Members produced 26 posts, 6 corresponding to the weekly challenges of the Knitrias Project:

Branches of Longevity
A Parallel Circumstance/ Una Circunstancia Paralela. Estatuto de la Longevidad by @AdelJose
Challenges of the week. Dr. Maryana’s return by @MyFreeLive
El Ingeniero - The Engineer | Knitrias Project Week 01 by @Jacorv

Open Source
Aprendiendo Sobre Markdown. Reto #knitrias-project. by @AdelJose
World of MARKDOWN. #knitrias-project by @MyFreeLive
Tu Esencia - MARKDOWN | Knitrias Project Week 01 by @Jacorv

The pool for the last week was 20 SP and will be divided between 6 contributions:

@AdelJose: 2 contributions = 6.7 SP
@MyFreeLive: 2 contributions = 6.7 SP
@Jacorv: 2 contributions = 6.7 SP

@Knitrias has sent the rewards as Steem Power for these authors:

Challenges for the week

This week each challenge will have a secured pool of 10 SP that will be divided equally between the participants of each challenge. Each Member can participate with one post on each challenge.

Branches of Longevity (10 SP)

Short stories, developments and re-elaborations of literature, art, design, music, documentary research, kitchen recipes or others, on the characters and themes of The Longevity Statute, the world from which the character of Dr. Knitrias Maryana surges.

Open Source (10 SP)


All the transactions performed by every user remain registered in the blockchain forever but how to find that information if only shows a minimum part of all transactions made by an account. There are some sites realative to Steem to search for these transactions of an account such as, but it only shows raw information from the transactions and posts and don´t allows inteligent searches for specific information as transfers or potential rewards. SteemWorld can do it, and in addition to that it offers the possibility of other importat operations as delegations, key management and account creation and recovery.

For this week's challenge the Members are invited to visit SteemWorld and search for all kind of information about their accounts or other users. Search for your potential author and curation rewards, check the information on your posts and transactions, look for you incoming and outgoing votes. In this site you can perform some transactions too, which are those? (Don't perform any operation that involves your keys if you are not sure how it works).

Create a post with your own experience visiting and using the tools for the first time or express how you have used it in the past. You can visit directly your account by writing this url:

The Members of the Project

A new Member has joined to the Project, please welcome @Racarjoal









Statistics of the Project

Steem Power information

Note: Liquid Rewards are generated only by posts and comments.

Upvote and post count information

Voting count



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Note: This report will be english only from now on accordingly to the cultural diversity of its Members. Members can write their posts and comments on their preferred languages.


The Knitrias Project is much grateful with the following users, communities and projects:

@Xpilar, @Roleerob, @SteemChiller, @SteemCurator01, @R2Cornell, @BullionStackers, @WhatsUp, @TribeSteemUp, @Club12, @RadaQuest, @Drax, @Ciska, @CryptoKannon

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World of Xpilar


Tools and information

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@knitrias, thanks, it is a great post, I've been waiting for your report.
I checked your account several times to read the news. I am happy with the success of our group.
I think we are moving forward. I am very grateful to you for your award!
I see that the tasks are getting more complicated, and the economy is not my powerpoint. But I need to study the numbers and figure out how to build the right strategy.
All my upvotes for the week were given to our group members and our curators @cryptokannon and @cisko. They are awesome curators. Ок, I understand and will continue to put upvout in the comments, which scored more than $0.02, so that the dust by the blockchain will turn into income.
I really like to write about our doctor Maryana. And I’ll continue my work.
What is it - voting CSI -0.3 (10.87% self )?

I'm glad we have a new member of the club. Welcome to the @racarjoal project.

Thanks for your visit and great encouragement, Valeri!! We are achieving good reactions from other user and projects, that's really a great start!! We'll find the right balance and coordination for the group! 50% on daily votes for the fellow members is what is set on the agreements, you will find how to better distribute one day or another and yes we have to weep the dust!! :)

Congratulations on your well deserved rewards!! 🤗

Voting CSI is something you will find if decide to take the Open Source challenge for this week!! 😉

Best wishes and have a Wonderful day, @MyFreeLive!!

Thank you @knitrias for this week's information, for members of @knitrias-project, I always follow the members' journey on the @knitrias-project platform. We are actively working hard what we hope should develop quickly, I am very happy to see the @knitrias post today, our post has been recommended by @knitrias-our project is always enthusiastic in doing this noble task of helping each other members, we can help people others that are still active on the Steemit platform. This is our hope that this project will grow faster, than we expected, the main thing is that all trust and mutual assistance are towards success.

Thank you very much for your response, @F21Steem, it's a great encouragement that you are glad about the work so far and you have a great spirit in the perspectives for the team! Surely we will be seeing some results from these efforts in the growth of your accounts and on your overall experience in Steem!!

I send the best wishes for projects and life @F21Steem!

Que bueno que todo este proyecto este marchando bien

Vamos avanzando con buenos pasos, @Futven12!!

¡Buenos vientos para tus proyectos!

Hola @Futven12!! Me gustaría preguntarte qué te motivaría en la propuesta y apoyo que te ha otorgado este proyecto para que participes en las dinámicas que le dan sustento. Desde mi perspectiva tienes gran calidad en tu trabajo, ye te lo he expresado y ha sido con sinceridad, sin embargo este aviso no tendrá que ver con mi impresión personal, sino desde la perspectiva de los objetivos del proyecto, desde este ámbito puedo decirte que estás dando muestras de no tener interés en participar en un grupo de trabajo.

Vamos por dos semanas y no has emitido ni un voto o comentario (comentarios genéricos no son comunicación efectiva) en las publicaciones de tus compañeros, parte de mi responsabilidad es revisar la distribución de votos de los Miembros y sus interacciones y en definitiva puedo decir que no estás cumpliendo varios de los puntos en los que acordaste en participar.

  • Los Miembros se comprometen a una estrategia de votación consistente en el voto al 100% de por los menos cinco publicaciones o comentarios propuestos por sus compañeros diariamente. Los demás votos podrán disponerlos libremente entre otros usuarios de la plataforma.

  • Los miembros se comprometen a una estrategia de incremento del Steem Power consistente en el stake (Power up) de por lo menos ~ 60% de las recompensas líquidas por sus publicaciones.

  • Una inadecuada distribución de votos recibirá constantes llamados de atención pudiendo llegar a la suspensión del apoyo.

Te invito por segunda ocasión a atender estos puntos así como también a expresar cualquier duda o inconveniente para poder resolverlo.

Hola knitrias, creo que no he entendido muy bien el trabajo que debo hacer, doy votos cuando puedo y de verdad que mi internet es muy escaso. Voy a tratar de mejorar pero si ves que no he cumplido para la semana que viene con las expectativas de la familia knitrias, siéntete en tu pleno derecho de retirarme el apoyo. Estoy seguro que no es mi intención, solo que no entiendo mucho. mil disculpas, de verdad por ocacionarte molestias.

Hola @Futven12!! Muchas gracias por tu respuesta al aviso, es importante la comunicación para que resolvamos dudas. Sí estás repartiendo tus votos, pero no entre los Miembros del grupo, si revisas la estadística de la semana pasada podrás ver que de 36 votos no hubo ninguno para los miembros. Esta semana tus votos se van desarrollando por el mismo sentido:

Como ves, no hay ningún miembro del grupo al que hayas votado, visitar algún post de vez en cuando con un buen comentario es también recomendable, pero los votos dentro del grupo son de alguna manera el sentido del proyecto. Las cuentas pueden realizar más o menos 10 votos al 100% al día, 5 le corresponderían a tus compañeros. Esto no es necesario hacerlo diariamente, tal vez un día no votas a ninguno, pero al día siguiente los votas a todos. La intención es que establezcas tus estrategias de participación. En el blog de Knitrias podrás encontrar todos los posts de los Miembros.

Los llamados que hago no son para retirar el apoyo, menos aún cuando puedo obtener respuesta de los miembros a los que estoy llamando (hay varios), sino poder establecer claros acuerdos.

La intención es poder establecer bien estas bases desde el principio del proyecto pues después se vuelve muy complicado, es por eso que el grupo solo podrá ser de diez personas para poder dar seguimiento, además de que los recursos con los que cuenta @Leveuf para invertir (es una inversión en tiempo y recursos) en este proyecto solo dan para este número.

Para este proyecto no es molestia atender a la participación de los miembros sino parte del trabajo, por eso nuevamente te agradezco la respuesta y la intención colaborativa.

Los miembros se comprometen a una estrategia de incremento del Steem Power consistente en el stake (Power up) de por lo menos ~ 60% de las recompensas líquidas por sus publicaciones. por ejemplo esto se me complica entenderlo, no se que hacer ni como proceder.

Esto requiere de conocer las transacciones en la cuenta, hacer Power Up es convertir Steem a Steem Power ampliando así la participación en la blockchain (generando recompensas para autores y quienes los votan). Tus posts tienen recompensas líquidas las puedes mandar a otros usuarios o cuentas de exchange, recibes Steem o SBD, como el principal objetivo del Proyecto es que los miembros lleguen a 500 SP es necesario realizar constantemente este proceso de Power Up, al menos 60% que puedes realizar cada que recibes recompensas, cada semana o cada mes (hay una iniciativa del usuario kiwiscanfly que premia a los que hacen mayor power up al mes según sus ganancias), también esto es según tus propias estrategias. El próximo reporte incluirá todo lo relacionado a cómo hacer Power Up, incluso si recibes SBD en tus recompensas.

Gracias por tu respuesta @Futven12, mantengamos buena comunicación!!

Hello @knitrias,

Sorry for the late reply. This is a great post and it's amazing to see how fast our team is growing in suh short time!

I had also already been waiting for he report.

Welcome in our team and the project @racarjoal! I wish you great progress and am looking forward to working wih you. 😊

I have one question @knitrias, why do I have 400 delegated SP now? I was shocked when i just saw that.

Have a wonderful day and I am looking forward to the next report and seeing how everyone is developing.

Thank you very much for your encouragement!! We see some progress and the first contributions, the numbers are important because they'll lead to better strategies for the Members and also recommendations.

About your question I'm going to respond with two options for you:

  1. I tell you and that's all.
  2. You take the Open Source challenge for this week and discover it. (You have the beginning of a good story).

But please don't worry I'll be glad to assist with any of the options!! :)

Best wishes, @Rashia, and much joy for your days!!

You're very welcome!

I was planning on taking both challenges this week anyways 😜

That is AWESOME!! :)

Big hug, @Rashia!! 🤗

Can the short story be in aby timeline of the longevuty statute story? Past or future and any characters perspective?

Yes!! And also new characters involved. Some Cryog dealer being caught or an agent of the Neo-Revolution who falls in love with a Statute bio-engineer. Anything can happen on the branches! 🙂

Good morning @knitrias,

Since this challenge was my first short story in years years, I would love to know your thoughts on the story and maybe give me some advice how to improve in the future.

Also I really hope the future challenges will allow me to expand the world of Coryana and her development in finding her answers.

Thank you @Leveuf for this amazing story. And thank you knitrias for giving me the opportunity to make such a story branch.

This was a lovely experience

I'm going there, dear @Rashia!! 😍
Everything is allowed for imagination and inspiration, I'm looking forward to knowing more about Coryana and her fundamental questions!!

Big hug!!

We continue to move forward, this week brings good things, we will work hard to achieve good quality products, now I have problems with electricity and internet but as circumstances permit I will be in the ring

Yes, dear @AdelJose!! I'm glad you've found great inspiration and created good contributions last week!! Hope the problem with electricity solves soon, I understand the situation, you must not worry!!

Best wishes for projects and life!!

"In here" briefly this morning @knitrias / @leveuf, great progress on your project! I would imagine you are greatly encouraged.

Just a quick tip on this statement:

"Any post or comment with less than ~ $0.02 of potential payout will be considered dust by the blockchain and those rewards will be lost."

This is true. There are services, however, which you may or may not know about, which were designed to address this "shortcoming." The one I use is DustSweeper (@dustsweeper), created by old Witness @danielsaori.

If interested for yourself and your project members, I have always had a link to it (still do) at the bottom of my posts.

Your balance is below $0.3. Your account is running low and should be replenished. You have roughly 10 more @dustsweeper votes. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

Hello, dear @Roleerob!! Thank you very much for your visit and kind support. Yes, @LeVeuf uses the service. We have the idea, when all Members are used to the different keys and to make transfers, to establish a program for everyone to subscribe!! For now, I think achieving some coordination we can manage to weep the dust. :)

I send my best wishes for you, dear friend, much Joy and Good Winds!

Thanks for your wonderful effort seeing @steemingcurators the marvelous work they are doing. I am in support of this project.

Thank you very much for your encouragement and support, @Oppongk!! Certainly there are surging beautiful projects in the platform in support of the growth and better experience for the Steem users!!

We appreciate your visit and kind words!!

Best Regards!!

Thanks to @knitrias for giving me this opportunity.

My name is Asaolu Adeyemi (@kaysmile44)
I was born and brought up in Nigeria. My language is English
I was introduced to steemit platform by Mr Atim Karanezi.
I joined steemit platform on may 2020, since then @cryptokannon has been my guidance. She is the best.
My interested area are: Art, Religion, Education, Graphics design
I know little about this platform
I support #knitrias-project
I would love to be part of this project Thanks @knitrias @cryptokannon

Hello @Kaymile44!! Thank you very much for your interest in the Project, your request has been accepted and now you have a delegation of 200 SP and the @Knitrias account is following your posts with an up-vote daily. You can participate with one post in each one of the challenges. If you want to participate in the literary challenge is recommendable that you read the chapters of The Longevity Statute and then re-elaborate some parts or characters on the story.

Vote on 5 of the post or comment of your fellow Members, we will be talking about power up in the next report on Monday. Any doubt I'm glad to assist!!

Welcome to the Project!!

Best Regards!!

Thanks for the opportunity you gave me to be a member of this project. I will do my best and I will no tell you down THANKS

Thanks to you!! I'm glad you will enjoy!! You can take the challenges, interact, make your strategies and savings and best wishes for your journey in the Steem blockchain!!

Any doubt I'm glad to assist!!

You are doing great work with this project.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

¡Thank you very much for the encouragement and important support for these efforts! Even when we are not administrating a community already and are encouraging our Members to look for others to share their works, this tool is considered in our plans for the project. So @leveuf will submit an application for your Communities initiative to boost this development!

We are glad about this great experience and its future perspectives, step by step we'll be finding the best strategies for the work!

Best wishes for the Steemit Team and all the projects!!

That will be great, thank you

We have worked on it and it has been submitted in the SteemitBlog, here I share the link presented by @leveuf: Application to participate in the initiative "Delegations for Community Leaders" by the Steemit Team.

Thank you very much for your attention and valuation for the Project!!

Best Regards!!

Thank you, we will be reviewing the application very shortly.

The Steemit Team

My gratitude for your support, is much appreciated!!

Congratulations, your post has been manually curated by @r2cornell. I can also be found on our hive community: ( & ( as well as on my Discord Server located at:

Manually curated by @r2cornell

r2cornell manual curating.png

Thank you very Much for your constant support for this project, @R2Cornell!! We are now in the second week and many great experiences we've lived in this short time. I'm inviting to all Members to visit your community too, soon we'll talk about that area.

My best wishes for you and your loved ones, @R2Cornell, specially on these difficult times for our world!!

Congratulations on the project progress so far. I am glad all the members are active and doing their part. We will keep looking around for a potential member of this project as we are dealing with the newusers too. Do you still have a slot for new member? I will refer them to this project if you still can accept member to join. Thank you, keep up the great work!

Thank you very much @SteemingCurators and @CryptoKannon for your great encouragement and support!! From here we send to you and @Ciska the best wishes for your great efforts and wonderful projects!!

We have two remaining places in the group it would be extremely helpful if you recommend us some users that are currently joining or those who you are supporting through their content.

Thanks for your valuation and well wishes, I'm thinking on ideas to further develop collaborations and encounters!


Felicitaciones mi amigo por fin pude leer sobre tu proyecto y cuenta conmigo en cuanto pueda te apoyo con algo de delegación, es muy bonito lo que haces por los más pequeños. Abrazos y éxitos. 🤗

Muchas gracias por tu visita y apoyo a esta iniciativa, @MBallesteros!! Mucho se debe a lo que aprendí con gente como tú en esta y otras plataformas en su trabajo creando comunidades. Me da mucho gusto que encuentres interesante el proyecto, veremos que nos trae el futuro en adelante!!

Muchos abrazos y Buenos Vientos!!

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