Studying religious knowledge to be practiced in everyday life.

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Good sleep to all friend..

Demanding knowledge is mandatory for everyone without exception ... because with one's knowledge can eliminate the ignorance found in him.

If someone has knowledge, then he has fulfilled an obligation and will be released from ignorance or has escaped from his stupidity.

Among the many sciences that must be studied are the science of religion which concerns monotheism, fiqh, mu'amalah and so on ...

Of course does not consider that besides this knowledge is not important to learn, but everything is important, even though magic ...

But the most important knowledge that must be learned by (especially) Muslims is the knowledge that concerns the religion that we believe in, because charity must be with the knowledge that the deeds that we do such as praying, fasting, pilgrimage etc. can be accepted by Allah because it is sufficient the terms and conditions are in accordance with the applicable rules, that is with the existence of science.


  • The process of studying religion with the topic of discussion is about the differences between men and women in the praying.

But if we do all these actions not based on knowledge, then what we do will be in vain without getting any reward from Allah...

Well, because of that the science of religion is an important point that must be learned before studying other sciences related to the world, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and so on ...


Let's we learn from the swing until to enter the grave...😊.

Thank you..


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