Why Steemit Raises Enthusiasts While We Fly On Steem

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The first website I see in the morning and with which I end the day is Steemit. He raises enthusiasm and gives us the opportunity to realize all our dreams. The most important thing for success in life and for Steemit is education with the right knowledge. Steemit is an incredible project, every day we see new people with smiling faces, users begin to live a better and more valued life. Academic obstruction is very important, but life education is much more important. I met a large number of people who graduated from the School of Management, most of them wanted to find a good company to work for a monthly salary, many did not find a job in their profession. This is a total paradox, learning for many years and you do not know how to make money, really sad. The education system is totally wrong when it comes to business, the rich have created a system that makes us workers, we never learn how to become bosses. The life-school is based on universal principles that are learned from personal experience, there are many principles that are universal and without which we can not achieve success. My idea is to help new users to make big steps from 0 to entrepreneurs. It gives the least benefit to new users if we give them money for poor quality posts and comments, they need real knowledge and education. That's why we launched the Steem Schools project https://discord.gg/q9VEn5n to help new users and bring those who are not yet registered on Steemit.

Run your enthusiasm and spirit to a higher level of energy and success. If we understand what we can do with Steemit then we'll fly to the star. We are the future that is happening, the world of digital currencies brings new energy and freedom through modern lessons of financial literacy. Steemit has linked the two best things that exist in the modern world - the social network and digital currencies. Steemit is it itself a great donation because all people who want to live better have the ability to do this with $ 0 in own wallet. We have a large amount of new and high-quality information, Steemit is a blend of business logic and friendship. Big problems arise when new users do not have the support when the tutorials that help them rise to the right stairs. The most successful bloggers do not have the opportunity to learn new users every day on chat, voice conferencing and other channels. For the new user, it is most important is to make money at the very beginning, because if it does not see the results it will give up and that is why our voting power falls every day. If we look at the future of Steemit, then I see new people from all over the world who are entering our project. That's why we make offline and online schools that will help users become good and successful bloggers and business people. When it enters the enthusiasm of new users and the experience of successful bloggers and business people, then this is the right path to the top and financial freedom.

Success is not a trick, it is a process that depends on our decisions, knowledge, and dedication to learn and work on ourselves. At first, we see small earnings, some SBD cent, and then our comments and posts begin to get their value. Communication skills are the key to success in every business, Steemit is a true teacher who gives us unlimited opportunities to learn everything we need in life. Of course, it is necessary to invest our time, if we want to achieve top results, we can only do it if we invest more time and work in a better way. The most important thing is to become disciplined, to make our daily work plan that we are going to implement. Someone has bad internet, no one has a computer, it's not easy to climb to the top with difficult situations, but it's possible if we really want it. Our strength lies in our goals, discipline and continuous learning. Every day we have new information and we do not have to stand in the same place because time will be overtaken. The most important thing in business is the focus, so do not do ten projects at once, this is the right place and the right time to achieve your life success. Steemit is a child of Steem, now growing on the enthusiasm of users who are getting more and more every day. who needs support for Steemit and business then our door is open to you - Become a part of the big family of Steem Schools https://discord.gg/q9VEn5n


See you at the top @dobartim
We win together - Steem Schools https://discord.gg/q9VEn5n


The line that struck me most is that which says "The most important thing in business, do not embark on ten projects all at once, this is the right place and the right time to achieve your success". Many of us are fond of rushing into many different projects, not knowing that if one chooses the right project for himself and put his or her whole focus on it, he or she would become successful within a short period of time. Because, when you are engaged in many different projects, it makes you a jack of all trade, master of non. So it would be better if you just channel all your efforts towards one direction and maybe a little effort to other directions. With these technique, you can become a boss on your own. Thanks for sharing this with us here boss @dobartim

Together we win

Thank you very much for your nice words

Steemschools as we all know is one of its kind on steemit and what we do in Steemschools is basically impact knowledge. Give knowledge to new users how to become successful in life and on steemit . This is a great vision which I’m proud to be part of . We win together, that’s the theme

Awesome comment

Smile is the Power of our lives in the real world

A Question for ourselves what makes you smile today?

This becomes a very meaningful outlook when a success you get and others can be a part of our life is a tremendous success that can.

Do We need to learn to be great?

A path with caution using crystal will be ddapatkan with a way that is able to cross the line of trust, it is with a knowledge and imagination and ideas that will build a very big force in this life, and vice versa we can see a competition that shows a pride beyond the limitations possessed.A life-changing achievement for anyone who can change the outlook on life.

Will the success be achieved without a reaction and a real action?

I feel that this is the arrogance that will beat you in the future, I want to share a view learn from the small ant that always with the pile of soil and create it into the mountain Likewise vice versa in steemit An assumption may be meaningless, the ants have taught us to build together a great strength for us to be great together. But it is very rare we make a comparison in this life. even though the pile of small fish that existed by the sea can pile through the Indian Ocean and Up To Aceh and Win With Steemschools.

how confident are you?

A future that will shine on your life that makes you great and will be the winner.

We win together

See you on the top

Awesome comment

@dobartim, indeed, success is not a trick. It is a combination of having the right knowledge, applying it, making the right decisions and giving ourselves to work. That is what will make us successful.

To crown it all, the idea of #steemschools is a project that changing many lives. We're being taught, mentored, guided and given the right knowledge to succeed on steemit.

So if you're reading this post and you've not joined #steemschools, do so now. Join through the discord link sir @dobartim has put in his post.

Thank you sir for this great dream!

One brand.
One mission.
One family.
We win together.

See you at the top @evarich

I don't have any opposite idea to yours. Yes, actually success is a kind of Harmony in which knowledge, dedication to learn, and activity are mixed with each other.

See you in Steem Schools

Steem Schools is a great initiative @dobartim.

Clearly understanding that the platform is basically for all users. It merges two important aspects of life i.e the rewards in Steem and the medium of communication.

First thing is, we all have some kind of things to say and we hope that the world hears us. Facebook satisfied people’s need to connect and be in communication with their existing friends and even meet a wider range of people. Steemit satisfies an additional essential need, pursuit of wealth. Makes two in one package.

Thing is, there are basic practical principles to success in any setting in life. These principles are what is needed for success on steemit which Steem schools offer to all users.

We give users knowledge on how to make money for living a better life. The more knowledgeable users the better for Steem.

There are certainly more to know than you know.

Join us and be a winner

See you at the top my friend

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i love your idea sir: My idea is to help new users to make big steps from 0 to entrepreneurs. It gives the least benefit to new users if we give them money for poor quality posts and comments, they need real knowledge and education.
am about joining the discord family

I am glad you like it

wow your post will make more human to join Discord.i join the Discord steemschool in the morning.i'm a new member of DIscord steemschool.check my name Ahmad Shahria. you are right sir steemschool is the best in the world.

by the way thanks for post about steemschool.


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Be in live classes and learn

Sounds fantastic, I will have to investigate thoroughly this community when I have the time, without a doubt I think we should focus on expanding knowledge and learning, I hope we can spread a lot of wealth, thank you very much.

You are welcome

We are the big family in steemschools
We are learning and win to gether

See you at the top

Wow.... Beautiful image and superb post bro

Be part of Steem Schools and learn about Steemit and business https://discord.gg/q9VEn5n

I hope we can work together. vote my blog and direct me reply @zuhrafriska