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Having stood the test of time, quality and efficiency, cryptocurrency and its trade, is trending globally and is spreading its benefits like wildfire.

In our world today, almost every system and individual has also gotten involved in the trade of digital assets as this trade has a lot of merits to offer to any individual or organization, in order to help them make more profits by diversifying their portfolio.

Sadly, I won't say that the digital assets industry is all merry, it also like any other industry, has its ups and downs which most times leads to massive loss.

Even with the introduction of technologies to the cryptocurrency market, the market still experiences problems like, the uncertainty of investment producing 100% profits, owing to the price instability of digital assets.

This amongst other problems has made many traders in the industry to experience series of loss when trading in cryptocurrencies.

All hopes were raised as our nights of worries was about to turn into days of rejoicing when Bitcoin was introduced to the world, but sadly, that hope has been dashed, because a lot of people have fled from taking part in digital asset trading.

Actually, there is a solution to this problem, Bitcoin futures exchanges can put back investors, in full power of their investments, controlling their assets and eliminating the risks involved.


The KOINPRO exchange system is a platform that has wisely incorporated advanced technology to its operations, all to boost and of course, improve the digital assets industry.

It adopts the use of a smart prediction system, to search for and also detect which investment is valid or invalid all to ensure that traders do not get involved in trades that would bring them losses.

As seen on the above video, Koinpro platform has been able to develop two trading contracts which are the PERPETUAL and the DOUBLE -UP contract all to further aid traders in their operations.

The security of users on the platform are of uttermost concern to the platform. So, it has gone to great lengths to ensure full privacy and security of their users, by adopting improved security measures and technologies which will reinforce the system.

Every transaction carried out with the help of this platform, including the buying and selling of digital assets are done with great speed and transparency is the other of the system, seeing as it makes available, all information including the fee to be paid by users and the imminent threat which could occur.

To further help improve the cryptocurrency industry and unlock the full potential of cryptocurrency investments, Koinpro has devices the perpetual contract method and the double-up contract method.

More detailed look at how they work


This type of contract is developed primarily for trading experts that have been trading in the space, for long.
It gives them the opportunity to trade with a laverage of 100x and ensures that the investment is fully protected, to the extent of giving the traders the ability to stop the process whenever they want.


This unlike the perpetual contract is developed to help the new traders in the market who are still learning the ropes, and doesn't know much about trading.

The double-up contract does not just give more profits to its users, but also ensures that investment risks are reduced to its barest minimum.

Both of the contracts mentioned above all very efficient and secured, having all it takes to help traders profit massively from digital assets trading.


Koinpro has minted its own token which has the ticker KOI.

KOI is designed to be a utility token which will facilitate different kinds of transactions on the system

The holders of the KOI token, have full access to the system and can also enjoy benefits like access to educational materials as well as other peaks of the Koinpro platform.


At KOINPRO, we can trade certain global assets: gold, crypto BTC / USDT, BTC / JPN225, BTC / UK100, BTC / EUSTX 50, BTC / TECH100, BTC / SP500, BTC / WTI OIL, BTC / DJ30, BTC / GER30 BTC / AUS2000.



KOINPRO has come with the goal of moving the digital assets industry to its next level.

Every trader, both new or old, do not have to worry about the problem of price volatility and the loss associated with it, as Koinpro has created a medium which helps users make sure investments.

All information about koinpro platform is readily available in the links below:

Website: https://www.koinpro.com/
Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5219842
Telegram: https://t.me/koinpro
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/36126772/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/koinprocom
Twitter: https://twitter.com/koinprocom
Medium: https://medium.com/koinprocom

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