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Recently, we have witnessed some cryptocurrency Exchanges designed with a very difficult and complicated interface accompanied with security issues which does not allow traders to enjoy their trading experience new users find it difficult to understand how to trade on most of these Exchanges and end up losing their assets.
However KOINPRO has been designed to make a difference among the numerous Exchanges. KOINPRO is not just an ordinary crypto Exchange, neither does it only support bitcoin futures but uniquely designed to support trading of more than one type of contract this feature is not common in the crypto world.

All the same, before I continue, let me explain a little bit about the advantages of trading futures. With futures trading, traders are bound to enjoy a high leveraged investment, there is a low cost of trading and speculators have the opportunity of making quick profits from their investments. There is also market liquidity. These and much more advantages are what we expect from KOINPRO bitcoin Futures trading platform.


Although there are a few Exchanges where futures trading take place, but do you know that when trading on KOINPRO bitcoin futures exchange apart from enjoying trading of stock CFDs with bitcoin you will also have the opportunity of opening leverage positions of up to 100x where you can make a huge profit in your trade even when there is a little price fluctuation? And you have several futures contracts to trade instead of just one? These and many other unique feature can only be found on KOINPRO Bitcoin futures platform.


i. You can trade different futures contracts and enjoy great benefits from each of them. KOINPRO provides (CFD) Contract for difference trading using bitcoin and this feature gives traders as well as investors the privilege of earning some profits without having to own any of the underlying digital assets when there is fluctuations in price of these assets.


ii. As a trader, you will enjoy fast profits with a relatively low risk factor.

iii. As a new and an inexperienced trader you do not have to lose money by trading because KOINPRO has designed a free Demo trading platform and other features that will help you to learn trading from scratch and when you understand you can then fund your account and trade on the main trading platform as an expert. This implies that unlike other Exchanges, KOINPRO has the interest of new traders at heart and gives them priority. This is a great way of attracting new cryptocurrency traders and adopters globally.

iv. Traders enjoy new trading strategies, KOINPRO is designed to give traders new trading strategies from time to time.

v. In most trading platforms security of assets is a big issue, but on KOINPRO users enjoy security of their assets with some security measures put together such as SMS authentication, Google Authentication and Email authentications each time they login for any transaction on the platform.

vi. Apart from trading, users can also enjoy 3 tier referral bonus from fKOINPRO affiliate program. A huge percentage of up to 41.7% of the total amount generated from the platform’s trading fees will be used for this purpose.

KOINPRO has created KOI as a utility token with a total supply of 600million token. KOI will serve as the main token that will drive KOINPRO ecosystem. There will be two states of the KOI token distributed, the locked and the unlocked KOI. However, both locked and unlocked KOI can be used in paying for services on the platform .But during token buy back, the company will buy unlocked token first before going to the locked KOI.
Amongst others , KOI will be used in paying as Reward to customers on the KOINPRO Bitcoin futures platform who create articles, videos or assist in publicizing the benefits of KOINPRO bitcoin futures platform in social media and other related sites. And holders of KOI will be able to gain access to some outstanding contents, special offers and other great functionalities.

Never the less, There are more great benefits of this innovative platform which I have not captured in this article, please do well to go through KOINPRO website and social media for more information on how to enjoy the benefit KOINPRO innovative Bitcoin futures Exchange both as a beginner and as a trading expert and you will be glad you did.

Website: https://www.koinpro.com/
Linkedln: https://www.linkedin.com/company/36126772/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/koinprocom
Telegram: https://t.me/koinpro
My affiliate link: https://koinpro.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/360002626954-Affiliate-Program
My Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1760015;sa=summary
My Bitcointalk name: nesbee2


wow! this is an interesting project , so i can actually learn how to trade using koinpro? will i pay for the demo trading?

No , you do not have to pay for the demo trading platform . go ahead use the website link on the article and signup that is all you need . then you can go ahead and learn .

sounds really good but do they require KYC verification before i can trade ?

No KYC. required

Interesting to know about Koinpro Bitcoin Futures Trading. This content is quite informative and detailed. Thanks for the information.

BTW, is KYC mandatory for trading on this platform?

You are welcome friend. Its my pleasure to inform my readers when I come across good projects like KOINPRO

For question about KYC , you do not need kyc to trade on KOINPRO. Just use my affiliate link below and sign up that's all.

Having gone through the KoinPro project, I must say, I am pretty impressed with its array of products and features. An impressive design and user interface coupled with innovative features that makes the platform all round outstanding. Koinpro's simple approach to offering a secure, convenient environment for trading stocks, commodities and Bitcoin futures is likely going to bring in more interest to crypto trading generally.

This is true friend. Thanks for taking time to read.

Koinpro offers a complete trading platform for all kinds of crypto trading, Bitcoin futures and even CFDs trading for all classes of traders. One important feature about koinpro is the demo trading feature where everyone can get to practice real time trades but with practice money. This will be helpful for you. It can build your confidence as well as trading experience and you can even get to simulate real trading and get first hand knowledge of what to expect in real live trades. Check them out.

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