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I've been looking into this and don't understand some things.

  1. is there any proof that the ben guy actually paid (hired) anyone to do anything?
  2. did ben actually threaten anyone, or is this just a case of someone talking shit in private and then having his personal communication go public?
  3. what does this have to do with kokesh? because ben worked with kokesh once? is there any proof whatsoever that kokesh ordered or condoned any action?
  4. all these horrible things that the "cyber professional" said they can do... did ben actually want those things? did ben PAY to have those things happen? and if so...
  5. why is the "cyber professional" a white hat? a good guy? why are we protecting and not ousting this person that does horrible shit to people for a living? and IF this cyber security professional is such a good person, then what's the harm in ben talking with a good person?
  6. i've been watching and reading what kafkanarchy84 has been doing. he's publicizing people's private communication. he's slandering kokesh with seemingly no actual evidence. he's doxxing ben in order to get ben fired. he's asking other people to harrass kokesh's team. why is everyone ok with this? why not just go the legal route if anyone had actually done anything?

I'm just trying to make sure this is a balanced view of the situation.


@craniumgames another way of saying mind games, funny that you'd back @adamkokesh with a name like that, psy-op anyone? LoL

Please show me where I have slandered with “no actual evidence.”

sure, you said that kokesh was behind this. can you prove that claim?

Is making an allegation and asking about it, “slander”?

If one of Donald Trump’s chief cabinet members was implicated in something like this, would it be “slander” to inquire about it?

This is not an isolated incident, either. Please see the video for evidence of Farmer working hand in hand with Kokesh to threaten Tatiana Moroz.

I’d be happy to answer any questions. Do you have a forum you can invite me on so I can publicly do so?

I’ve been saying “alleged” this whole time and have been ignored, blocked, silenced and even ridiculed. To call asking about damning evidence “slander,” is a bit reckless, don’t you think?

EDIT: I see you have resteemed several articles by Kokesh 2020 supporters and volunteers @iamthenerd and @sunshinebear who have a strong dislike (to put it mildly) for me. Perhaps this is even one of their alternate accounts?

I don't have another forum as I'm not really popular on the internet as you are. however, do you have anything to say about the questions that I asked? I'm genuinely curious and if I'm wrong... I'm wrong.

  1. Remuneration was expected by the infosec professional to be in the form of some benefit, vacation, or other such deal to be worked out upon completion of the attack, though this was never discussed. This is what said professional told me.

  2. Please see the screenshots and video evidence of the attempted attack. The plan is quite clearly and obviously not “just talking shit.” The infosec professional has also delineated the extent of what would have been done.

  3. Ben Farmer was Kokesh’s Chief Campaign Strategist at the time, and had previously delivered a message he explicitly stated was from Adam, threatening Tatiana Moroz. See screenshot in the video.

  4. I have explained this all in detail exhaustively on my posts, blog, and videos. Infosec firm pro by day, white hat by night. I was presented by Farmer as being a malevolent, seriously threatening enemy. When it was discovered I had done nothing, the white hat backed down, and blew the whistle. The individual remains anonymous for safety and professional reasons

  5. ⬆️

  6. Where have I published private communication without permission/where not warranted? Certainly ostensible threats to my family are worthy of being published.

To say that me protecting myself and my family is “doxxing” is not only reprehensible and pathetic, it is also intellectually dishonest.

As I have stated several times (please inform yourself) appropriate legal recourse is being taken.


thank you for your response.

i'm glad that you're persuing legal recourse and please keep us updated (where you can) on how that goes.

but again... you keep saying that you're protecting your family and yourself. from what?

were you actually ever threatened? who delivered this threat to you? i get that the screenshots show the guy talking to whomever... but was this ever meant to threaten you? did someone say that you were in danger of anything?

what kind of infosec pro has a firm that does these kinds of things to people? maybe you've been mislead?

most important to me though... is i still don't see what kokesh has to do with this. i'm not fully educated on what kokesh did in the other case (and i'll get to it), but in THIS CASE... do you have evidence that kokesh is responsible? i've had employees do bad things. it doesn't mean i was a part of it.


I’ve answered. I cannot do the research for you. I have already done it, corroborated it, provided evidential substantiation, and stated my case clearly. You are asking questions that I have answered several times over, and now, unthinkably, accusing the alleged target of “slander.” I’m done speaking with you now.

yup, they're friends of mine irl, but it creeps me out that this is how you are responding... you're doing your whole doxxing thing. instead, why not just answer my questions with logic and reason?


Please look up the definition of “doxxing.” Thanks.

doxxing: search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.

as in finding out where someone works and then publicizing it to get someone fired.

And I have done none of this. If looking at your account is “doxxing,” then your non-point is ridiculous and I can dismiss it. If protecting my family by speaking out is “doxxing” in your warped perception, and not self-defense, then the same would be true. “Cranium games,” indeed.

  1. how does doxxing people defend your family?

  2. this is getting frustrating. you keep attempting to emotionally shame me by implying that you are being threatened, but you have yet to say who threatened you. a threat means someone told you that they would do you harm. has anyone besides your infosec friend done that?

  3. no. doxxing someone else isn't ok. legal recourse is excellent. doxxing is not.