People are responsible for what they do, whether they do it individually or in concert with others. They aren't responsible for what they don't do.

as men of logic and reason, would you agree that a man can be a part of an organization and do a deed without the knowledge of those that he works with?

i've been looking at this story for a while. as kafka eagerly attests, i am a fan of kokesh and thus biased just as you aren't a fan of kokesh and carry a natural level of bias.

is it POSSIBLE... that neither kokesh nor those on his campaign team had knowledge of bens alleged actions?

Did I “eagerly attest”?

Of course, nearly anything falls within the realm of possibility. Plausibility, however, is a different issue altogether.

Wouldn’t you agree that if a politician’s highest ranking assistant is implicated in something like this, and documented threats have been delivered at the hand of this assistant prior, saying directly that said threat is from said politician, a statement directly addressing the alleged evidence is appropriate and expected?

And certainly not mockery, censorship, and silence? Any “censorship” (flagging/downvoting) of the “statement” made by the campaign posted by yourself and @marcus.pulis comes after being mocked, deleted, and blocked as a father asking questions concerned for the safety of my family.

I would happily engage you in polite discourse, but you've censored me repeatedly. if anyone else would like to offer me your argument, i'll happily pick it clean.

Why did your press secretary feel the need to downvote my question?

^ Kokesh staff/volunteer staff and supporter. Trying hard to muddy this.

On my profile this morning as well.

No, I'm not "trying hard" to do anything. I asked a simple question. I don't understand why you feel the need to censor me every time I participate.

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