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RE: Adam Kokesh: Anarcho-Stalinist

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When someone else just asked Adam for a response, less than an hour before I typed this comment, Adam's response was to say, "We already released a statement. People saying otherwise are deliberately misleading you." However, the "statement" he meant was this, which I already show in my video, and which says ABSOLUTELY NOTHING--not one word--about the allegations. marcus1.jpg


So that is the official statement from the Kokesh campaign about this. That should tell you all you need to know.

I can sort of understand having that as their statement, but it is weaselly.
Say "damn, this is evil, if it is true, we're shut of the guy and thank you for bringing it to our attention" - then include the bit about the NAP and all.

Just to add on because I'm not sure if its been mentioned, but marcus gave the same "statement" on a steemit post and downvotes anyone who questions further.