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The Konios team wants to involve the community in its development process!
That’s why we decided to let the community choose the KON symbol!

All interested designers and artists can register for this contest!

ICO startJULY 1, 2018
Price1 KON = 0,01 USD

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Mission of the platform:
Due to the continuous growth of the crypto community, the cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more recognition. Conversely, the state authorities, through the increasingly louder crypto-community,

become attentive and increasingly strict regulations are being passed. The intervention of the state is the first step towards general acceptance.

„FINMA recognizes the innovative potential of distributed ledger
and blockchain technology. It welcomes and supports the
efforts to develop and implement blockchain solutions in the
Swiss financial center.”
“Blockchain technology offers innovation potential for the
financial markets and far beyond. “

The future omnipresence of cryptocurrencies requires a solution for easier handling. So that no age group or social minority is excluded from the crypto-community. Since a possible economic change on cryptocurrencies is subject to a slow adaptation, the broad mass during the transition period must be introduced to the crypto community in a sensitive, simple and secure way.

With these thoughts in mind, the Konios team has been working tirelessly since 2017 to initiate and establish a platform that addresses precisely these problem areas. The Konios Team is proud to present the solution.

Konios Platform:

The main components of the platform:

F2F are safe and anonymous transactions of cash in the crypto currency and vice versa;

Exchange – any digital exchanges on the platform;

Marketplace – a store in which you can buy at the expense of fiat funds, as well as crypto currency;

Konios Trading – Trading platform with professional tools for trading on the markets, with built-in news channels for convenient trading;

Konios Data
Statistics – Anonymous data from the crypto area is provided for the empirical analyzes that are available in Konios Blockchain without any errors.

Characteristics Anonymous behavioral data from F2F, Exchange, Marketplace and Trading is provided.

Geo is anonymous user location information for offline meetings.

Konios Blockchain

Transaktionen – transactions are checked inside the block room

Smart-Contracts – processing of any transactions, they are anonymized using their own Smart-Contracts and implemented with unchanged decentralized conditions.

Konios Wallet
The wallet is used on the platform, and on mobile devices


The Konios platform is supposed to serve all people who want to enter the crypto community with cash. It ensures an anonymous and secure face-to-face procedure so that you can use the platform without revealing personal data.
The aim is to eliminate the astronomical exchange office fees experienced in a simple transaction.

Konios provides a solid and secure basis for conducting transactions on the platform using the uniform exchange principle. This allows all non-crypto professionals worldwide to exchange their cash with other users


It is usually a good feeling or belief in the project that motivates buyers to hold or trade in cryptocurrencies. Since successful trading implies a great need for information, Konios will offer information that exactly meets this need. It is clearly and easily accessible to all users.

This includes real-time messages of preferred currencies, trading options for all currency pairs and an analysis program with adjustable wish-parameters. The User funds on the Konios platform can be used in everyday life to trade products or request services. Both in local trading for cash and worldwide shipping against cryptocurrencies (Marketplace).


A worldwide anonymous data analysis of unchangeable values should be available to all Konios users free of charge (Konios Data). So that not only financially strong institutions can analyze and monopolize competition, but all people worldwide. New start-up companies as well as private individuals can use real data sets for their projects, school work, forecast analyses or comparisons.

Transaction flow F2F

The seller confirms the purchase request by clicking on his smartphone, taking all parameters into account. The seller’s confirmation activates the Smart Contract. All previously defined parameters are now part of the Smart Contract. The agreed cryptocurrency amount is frozen by the decentralized smart contract until the two parties
have met and completed the F2F transaction.

The Smart-Contract is only fulfilled after the transaction has been successfully completed and the payment to the buyer is automatically released.

7.5 Step 3 (F2F)
From this step onwards, buyer and seller are sitting face to face.

7.5.1 User Identification
Mutual confirmation of presence by scanning a QR code.

7.5.2 Money Identification
The buyer presents the cash and counts it in front of the seller.

7.5.3 Transfer
Cash is handed over to the seller and confirmed by app on both sides.

7.5.4 Verification by the seller
Seller counts and checks the cash (incl. help tools for identifying counterfeit money) with subsequent confirmation on both sides. From here on, the transaction is completed positively and the exchange partners can go their separate ways.

7.5.5 Payment
The Smart-Contract automatically triggers the transfer of the cryptocurrency to the buyer.

7.5.6 Rating
As soon as the cryptocurrency arrives on the buyer’s wallet, an evaluation request will be sent to both exchange partners, with the persons being evaluated for each completed transaction. This increases confidence in good rated exchange partners for future transactions with inexperienced users.


ICO start :MAY 1, 2018
Price :1 KON = 0,01 USD
ICO duration :60 days
0–2 000 000 000 KON+35% EXTRA BONUS
TOTAL:700 000 000 KON
2 000 000 000–2 600 000 000 KON+20% EXTRA BONUS
TOTAL:120 000 000 KON
2 600 000 000–2 900 000 000 KON+10% EXTRA BONUS
TOTAL:30 000 000 KON
Payment methodsWallet to walletBank wire



2017January Founders formulate the idea of the Konios platform
2017March The solution for the exchange principle Face-2-Face is developed
2017July New team members join the project
2017September Start Whitepaper
2017October Start Website Development
2017November Strong Support by the Advisors
2017December Start Platform Development until November 2018
2018January Completion of whitepaper and inclusion of the last team member
2018March Presale
2018April Start Airdrop and Ads Bounty
2018May Start ICO
2018July Konios Platform APP Test-Release
2018November Launch Beta Version Konios Platform Start Reward system Advertising activities
2018December Announcement Konios Platform
2019February Completion of Beta Version Konios Trading
2019March Advertising activities
2019April Announcement Konios Trading
2019September Integration & migration of the Konios platform into the Konios Blockchain
2019December Announcement Konios Data
2020January KON share of the team is released


More Information Follow The Social Media

Website : https://konios.com/
Whitepaper :https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Nf6o1WJooXwv8KCe6vxxqoqmQFpIcMY1/view
Telegram : https://t.me/koniosofficial

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/konios.social/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/KoniosOfficial
Medium : https://medium.com/@konios
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/konios_inc/

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