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This is a fascinating read! Feels like walking through a Korean drama or documentary :) I love it, thanks for sharing!!

Glad you liked it. I actually have been travelling every weekend for the past few and plan on doing it for the next few as well, some nature, some more cultural. That trip was a real mix.

Buyeo isn't very high up on the typical international visitor's places to go list.

I do plan on doing all the major tourism sites again, especially when family visits me, but I like off beat more myself.

trave photography history I liky trave

Wow... I absolutly love your post.
The pictures are stunning and I love your Journey 😉 such a beautiful enviroment... Blows me away.
The festival seemed like a cool place, and I love work with hands and history.
The Temple is amazing to, love it.

Thank you for sharing this and have a wonderful sunday. Cheers! 🌼

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Thanks. Glad you liked it. The temple was quite small actually. I do plan on going to much larger ones soon. I also like mixing a little history with travel and prefer living history to museums.

I really loved your post. 😍😍

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You're welcome

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Thank you for you post! It was very interesting to me)

I'm glad you liked it. 🤗

What a great trip! I think I agree whole heartedly about making your own souvenir, that's a great idea, and it looks terrific!

That is a shame about those virgins. I wonder what happened to the corpses.

I'm sure they floated down the river. The main source of this story is a fanc8ful book called samguk yusa. However, military events are confirmsled, I doubt 3000 virgins jumped. Maybe a few, others probably just got captured or ran away.

It happened around 661 and involved silla-tang vs. Yamato-Baekje forces. Puyeo at that time was salled Sabi and Yamato (near Osaka, Jaoan) is called Nara today.

Hello my friend @abitcoinskeptic

I like how you describe everything in your publication. It reminds me when I take some vacations to go for hiking for some days in the world, I don't share any pic about hiking because everything is in my mind, I love to be immerse in the world without any technology.

Well my friend, let me say something..!! I really like your publication. Congratulations for this amazing description..!!

Thank you for showing me your support in my publications...!!

Very nice place, i want to visit here one day...

I hope you get that chance soon~!

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