@Kpine - Fostering Next Level Empowerment

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There are those on this platform who have made difference in the lives of other steemians and a lot of us know them. There are also those who have done it from behind the scenes, systematically empowering accounts each creator per time. One practical example of a quiet transformer is @Kpine, supporting a selection of authors on every post. It's an amazing thing to do and everyone doing it should be proud. Why? We all have a choice to either just help ourselves or help others too.


The @Kpine account has been committed into supporting other Steemians. We can basically confirm it with a little research. Even without any particular relationship or connection with them, @Kpine has supported people wholeheartedly and completely. I've hadly seen anything like that on the platform and it's obviously a noble effort to build others and take them to the next level. I have personally been a beneficiary.


We also seize this opportunity to appreciate @Kpine, as the account had been absolutely amazing. @Kpine had made a remarkable difference to a number of us and we are so proud. Any steemian that comes across the account is never the same. We'ld really love a great opportunity to appreciate the commitment vested in us and continue to look forward to greater and more connected times ahead. Great job, @Kpine !


Yeah! There are few steemians like @kpine that are empowering other steemians account in one way or the other. We can't appreciate you guys enough unlike those keeping their SP. Great job you guys are doing for supporting and bringing joy to a lot of steemians. Great job @kpine and to others giving a helping hand.

@dhavey founder of @goldenproject

Thanks @dhavey, really appreciate your comment. @kpline has added significant value to a couple of accounts on this platform.
Amazingly enough, I didn't even know the key personality behind golden project, as the tag was recommended to me by @morahn. It's nice to meet you @dhavey. Thanks for stopping by.

Yeah! Thanks
Morahn is a good friend

Definitely! I am also beneficiary and his support is huge!

Bless @kpine

That's right @kpine's support is huge. And I must also confess your work ethic and achievements on steemit is pretty impressive. I guess @kpine looks at that to select his beneficiaries. Really appreciate you stopping by.

Bless Ya! 😎👊

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empowerment is the great power any one can do any thing. welldone

Thanks Bro, it's important we try to empower others too

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