ICO ENDS: LAST CHANCE TO INVEST! | Korean B-Boy World Champion HONG10 Shouts Out APPICS!

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Scroll to the bottom of this post for our shoutout by legendary Breakdancer HONG10!

이 포스트의 한국어 번역이 곧 추가될 것입니다!

Our APPICS ICO, which started on March 28, is now coming to an end.

Thank you to all the participants and investors who believe in our vision!

In less than 5 hours the Appics ICO will be over - this is the last chance to secure XAP with no investment minimum.

Take action now and to participate in our Tokensale for the price of $0,15 per XAP!

How to participate in the TOKENSALE

  • Visit ico.appics.com, create an account and verify your email address.
  • In your account dashboard, click on the "KYC" tab and upload your personal verification documents
  • Click on the "Invest" Tab and choose which currency you want to pay with
  • There is also a step-by-step guide available for every payment method
  • Send the displayed amount of tokens to the generated address
  • Submit your ERC20 compatible wallet on which you'd like to receive the tokens!

Please note: Even if your KYC is still "under review", you can already invest! We will complete the KYC process while the ICO is ongoing.

Besides the start of our ICO, the APPICS App has now soft launched for internal team members and early investors.

So if you participate in our ICO, make sure to register here if you want to get the chance of being picked as one of our beta testers.

2018-04-25 14.31.01.jpg

ICO 참여 방법

  • ico.appics.com에 접속해서, 이메일 주소를 입력하여 계정을 생성합니다.

  • 여러분 계정의 대쉬보드에서 "INVEST"탭을 클릭하고 참여를 원하는 암호화화폐를 선택합니다.

  • 생성된 주소로 표시된느 만큼의 양의 토큰을 전송하세요.

  • 여러분이 받으실 ERS20 호환 지갑 주소를 등록합니다.

주의사항: 여러분의 KYC 가 여전히 "UNDER REVIEW"상태이더라고 이미 여러분은 투자에 참여되셨습니다.ICO 진행동안 KYC 절차는 모두 정상적으로 완료될 예정입니다.

Hong10 is a world-champion in breakdance and one of the most talented and popular B-Boys on the planet.

Imagine him uploading a video of his performance in the APPICS app - and getting rewarded for his talent and creativity! Hong10 is an athlete as well as artist that is very passionate truly lives our motto "passion rewarded".

Watch him shoutout APPICS and perform a breakdance set below!

About HONG10

Kim Hong-Yeol was born February 18, 1984 in South Korea. Yeol actually means "ten" in korean, which is how his nickname originated.
When he was a young teenager, he saw someone breakdance for the very first time, on a borrowed video from a friend. He was immediately hooked and started to breakdance with his friends.
In 2008, he won his forst World Final victory in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and after that in his hometown Seoul. There, he attended the extremely challenging 10-year anniversary battle of previous world champions vs. newcomers.
Since then, Hong10 has won countless titles in all the top international events in dance like the Battle of the Year, UK BBoy Championships, New Taipei BBoy City , Freestyle Session Korea and more.

Today, Hong10 is one of the most popular, creative and strength-driven breakdancers on the globe.

One of his signature moves is the Hong10 freeze, where he balances only on his head and hand, lifting the legs up horizontally over the body.

Over the course of his successful career, Hong 10 has learned that winning isn't everything. For him, the best dancers respect the art and nurture breaking culture in preparation for the next generation. He continues to grow and evolve, like the South Korean scene he started in, and he's excited about where this road will take him.

It's great to win battles and gain respect, but it's a two-way street and you have to give respect to earn respect!

김홍열은 1984년 2월18일 한국에서 태어났다.

그는 어린 십대였을때, 친구에게 빌린 비디오에서 처음으로 누군가가 브레이크댄스를 하는것을 보았다.
그는 곧 중독되어 그늬 친구들과 브레이크댄스를 시작했다.

2008년 브라질 상파울루에서 첫번째 세계우승을 차지했다.
그 후 그의 고향 서울에서 대대로 열리는 이전 세계챔피언과 새로운사람들이 대결하는 매우도전적인 10주년 기념대결에 참가했습니다.
그 이후로 홍열은 , battle of the year ,UK bboy 챔피언쉽 , New Taipei bboy city, freestyle session korea 등과 같은 춤의 주요 국제 행사에서 무수한 타이틀을 획득했습니다.

오늘날 , 홍열은 세계에서 가장 인기있고, 창의적이며 , 힘 중심의 즈레이크 댄서 중 하나입니다.
홍열의 대표적인 움직임중 하나인 프리즈는 머리와 손만으로 균형을 잡아 다리를 몸 위쪽으로 수평으로 들어올리는것 입니다.

💬 If you have any questions about the ICO, investment process or the app, you can ask our admins on Telegram:

Official APPICS Group 🌎

APPICS - South Korea 🇰🇷

APPICS - Deutschland 🇩🇪

APPICS - Russia 🇷🇺

APPICS - Nigeria 🇳🇬


IMHO not enough publicity to this ICO was created. I am in cryptos every day since 2012, posting/reading on steemit every day (big fan, almost 2 yr here), trader / holder of few dozens crypto coins. And i have just discovered APPICS for the first time only 5 hours before the final END of this ICO. Got only few hours to read what this really is, and paid my XAP's literally a minutes left before the final END. If even super proactive (like me) could almost miss this - how many others have missed this too ?
Not to mention missing my -20% -15% discounts.... :(

Wow @onealfa really sorry to hear that. Just glad you made it in time. I completely agree with you. Not many people know about Appics but hopefully they will continue to invest in marketing after the ICO sale. We need more eyeballs :)

4 M is great! I'm really bullish on Appics! I think this project will be huge in the future! I just did a review on the ICO to get more people to see this awsome project.
Good luck to all ICO contributers. :) I think we will do great in the future! :)

Great article @cnt and thanks for sharing it here. I'm also thinking of doing a short review on Appics. I just wanted to know why you don't optimize your url. This (hnojwfvg) is not very search engine friendly. Regards,

Hey check it out I did another review on Appics and the potential in the social media market compared to Instagram and Facebook....
Hope you like it... :https://steemit.com/steemit/@cnt/7k8qtbqd

Great work buddy. Video was awesome.

Quick question. When someone upvotes your video on Dtube, is that separate to the upvotes on steemit?

No it's linked to each other! It is basically just another front end to the Steem Blockchain....
If you post via Dtube you actually make a Steem Post with an already included video...
They take 25% of your money from a post in service of providing the servers and storing your video files...
I personally think that is not too much but I think they should cap this to certain amount ...

Greets! :)

Thanks for letting me know. Sounds great! Keep up the good work :)

Thanks would be awsome to see your point of view! :) This happens when I post form dtube! When I post from Steemit my url consists of my headline! How do I change the url when I post from dtube? @dtube Thanks for the tip!
Also how am I able to see if someone marked me in the comments? I just saw your comment by chance...
Since I'm very new on Steem I have still a lot to learn! ;)
Would be awsome if you could help me out! :)

You are welcome buddy. I was wondering why so many urls are structured like that lately. Unfortunately you can change the url of a steemit post once its been posted. This is something they need to fix on the development side of @dtube.

You can check for replies from others here: https://steemit.com/@cnt/recent-replies
Don't worry. You will get there. You arrived at the best time. The price of Steem is blowing up. Can't wait for the double figures :)

Take care buddy and let me know if you need anymore help.

Thanks for your answer! You mean you can't change the url once it's been posted?
I now the recent-replies feature. :) I meant when you for example write a comment to someone else and you include for example @cnt how will i be able to see that it does not show up in my recent replies... This comment from you did show up because you replied to my comment directly...
Would be awsome if you could help me out! :) Greets
P.S.: I bought most of my Steem for 1$ so I'm pretty happy with the price!;)

Yes that's what I meant. The url is usually the title of your post on Steemit.
I know what you mean. They use to have the feature where a number popups up on the replies column but not anymore. Not sure why they removed that feature. I only saw your reply on steemd.com
I hope this helps.
I got into steemit last year but never really bought any. Im planning to buy some when I have some spare cash. The higher the value of steem the higher the value your upvote becomes in USD

Thx a lot I will look at Steemd.com

I seriously can't wait to beta test this! :-)

Awsome thank you! :)

Thanx for research :-)

Hi @appics, congrats on the successful raise!

When will the XAP be credited to the eth wallets?

Congrats to us all who have contributed in the ICO and to the Team! :)

Hi Appics, could you tell me when you plan on distributing the tokens to our wallets?

Good luck my friend @appics , ur perfect project and have a very good team work , I am register account for appics and I am register for airdrop 100 XAP , good luck my dear , all the best @appics👍😃

Awesome! Thank you! 👌

Hi @sirwinchester ! First of all Congratulations on the ICO for @appics !

I wanted to ask you regarding the exchanges. Will @appics be listed on exchanges soon? Or it will be when the SMTs are launched? Any specific exchanges you have been working to have it listed?

Looking forward to your feedback!

Regards, @gold84

Finally the rocket is on the way. Can´t wait to see the final APP.

Its almost that time. The app is going to be awesome. Wish the guys at @Steemit can finish the development!

Me too :-)

Such a cool project! Us USA folks are eagerly waiting to hear what exchange you're planning on going with. I'm rooting for Binance!!!!

I've invested in APPICS

Can't wait for appics anymore!

Congratz to all! Appics going to the moon

I am waiting for the presence of platform appics

Amazing hit to 4.2m

Hello Appics team! I think I really need your help here guys...My Apologies in advance for my low level of knowledge in the crypto world!
Let me explain: Some days back I went through all the process and sent some SBDs and Steem for buying my first ever XAP...you can check it out in the wallet.
I followed each step but untill now I am not seeing anything in my ether wallet, is it normal?
Please do let me know as soon as possible as I really want to have these precious XAP, I am such a great supporter of this awesome project!

Thank you and warm wishes from Mauritius!
May you guys be always successful!

You should have your Xap tokens on the appics website, tokens will be distributed after the ICO

Hi @progressivechef!
First of all, I hope you're doing well. I'm happy to hear that you chose to invest in our ICO.

As of right now, you can only view your XAP token balance on ico.appics.com .
It's totally normal that the tokens are not in your actual ERC20 wallet yet! They are being distributed shortly after the ICO has ended, so it will show up within the next few days.
Let me know if you have any other questions!

We miss Mauritius - would love to return soon! Hope you and your family are doing well. Best wishes!

congrats appics I am really very excitited to try your app. I invested in your ICO and still ready to buy more of Xap tokens when it got listed on exchange. good luck appics team.

Congrats on your successful ICO - the future looks bright for Appics!

so stoked about this! ever since i first heard this come out, i've been patiently awaiting the day!

just wrote a post last night sharing my excitement with my nearly 1200 steemit followers and many of my fellow steemians here expressed excitement in the comments! https://steemit.com/appics/@mountainjewel/appics-instagram-for-steem-blockchain-or-just-bought-xap-tokens

and have been sharing on my instagram!! hopefully spreading the word and educating! i love the instragamesque platform and can't wait to start earning! on APPICS on the steem blockchain. i'm a believer in this, bought XAP in the ICO and am dreaming up the long term future of people earning for their content along with yall! love your team and what you do! excited for the next steps :) thanks!!

Congratulations for this great ICO @appics!

When is Appics official launch timeline and when will XAP be listed on exchange?

The SMT is currently being live developed on Github by the STEEM Team.
As soon as that has finished, XAP will be ready to get listed on exchanges. since we are an SMT, exchanges that already accept STEEM will have it much easier to integrate XAP.

2018-04-25 14.23.26.jpg

This is great. I'm happy to see you have met your targets for this year. Hopefully the SMT development will end soon. I'm itching to get my hands on XAP tokens :) Love this ICO so much ...

Great video share!

We joined at the same time looks like! But I only recently came across you, but you have a loyal follower :) Excited to share this journey with you!

Good luck

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I cant wait for the App to Launch !! any idea how long that might take !👍

$4,000,000 Now this is a beautiful figure for an ICO. Glad to see the progress you guys have been making.

Didn't let this pass me :)

I so much love the fun you guys are bringing in, congratulations on the successful ICO

Thank you 🙌 glad you enjoyed it!

Wow, though am new to this amazing platform but so glad am seeing this, Best of luck @appics

This is so great


Glad i got to invest before the close!

Appics gazuaaa~~!

appice ICO I regret missing the opportunity.

good luck for appics

Nice to see how you draw in influencer like Hong10 as they will be able to spread the word about Appics massively. You have done that a lot over the past year. I have a good feeling about all of that!

the best of the successes to this great project. Definitely a winning team

One of the big bets this year that will run in the chain of steem

"They even got a B-Boy who breakdances
It's an easy choice to make, gotta take chances
Never hypnotised by them snake trances
@Appics' number one, while others are changing stances..."


"They even got a B-Boy who breakdances
It's an easy choice to make, gotta take chances
Never hypnotised by them snake trances
@Appics' number one, while others are changing stances..."