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RE: 암호 화폐는 변동성이 커서 교환 매개 수단으로 적절하지 않다?

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You have received a @GrumpyCat flag because you or someone else sent money to buy votes from an irresponsible non-GrumpyCompliant service.

@sneaky-ninja and @aksdwi are acting irresponsibly by selling votes to people on their post very close to final payout. (~99% abuse rate)

Sending money to these bots is also financially supporting for-profit spammers.

To know what voting bot to use, refer to and use those that have 3.5 day or less in the "Max Age" column.
Important, The above bots have made no effort to comply for months so the votes they sell might still be targeted even if they change their Max Age to 3.5 day.

Learn more ...



You are bullied by @grumpycat on your post.
We are resisting this.

Check this link,spread the word and join us if you would agree.

@GrumpyCat, to your tyranny WE-RESIST

The Resistance