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RE: Bot Error, ignore.

in #kr4 years ago

Hi @guard this is @hangin i was a victim of a hacker who stole my account and my monies and then starting posting a lot of garbage on my account i am a member of @thealliance family group on Discord and you can check with them. I just got my account back today after 2 weeks i would appreciate if you can remove the flags on my account so i can proceed doing my work for the Steemit community.

Thank you
Angelo Mariconte


Hi Angelo, did you ever get a response or correction from @gaurd, as I have a similar situation?

I sent a message to this person and he has fixed it all up for me.

arcange (69) · 7 hours ago

Hello @hangin,
Glad to read you recovered your account.
Warnings have been removed.
Take care!