According to the Study, Short Body Women More Hard to Lose Weight

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Having the ideal weight is the dream of everyone. And when the weight is no longer ideal, weight gain just a little, not a few people who try hard to lower it. Losing weight alone can be done by various ways, ranging from a strict diet, regular exercise every day or an instant is with liposuction.

Talking about the effort to lose weight, in many cases found that not a few people who fail to lose weight. Although already on a strict diet, has been a regular exercise even severe, have taken slimming drugs and cut many portions of food, weight still does not go down. If it comes down just a little bit.

Approximately why did that happen? Difficult people lose weight can happen for many things. Starting from age, hormones, activity level, sleep time to height. Yep, experts found that people with less height or short stature was more difficult to lose weight.

Luiza Petre, a health expert and nutritionist says, "It's true that short women should consume fewer calories if they want to lose weight than their peers even though other factors are the same."

The study found that short-bodied women are difficult to lose weight because they have muscle mass that does not work as fast as muscle mass in tall people. The tall woman and the consumption of food with the same portion as the tall woman also became the reason why he was difficult diet.

Even so, not all short women will be difficult to lose weight and tall women more easily lose weight. The presence of genes, hormones, activity levels or gestures, stress levels and portions of food also greatly affect a person's body weight. Short or high someone, as long as he really in the diet and nourish the body properly, having an ideal body weight is certainly not just a dream.


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