in #ksi4 years ago

Easter is over
No problem
It's like a knife that's cutting
Our indifference to humanity

So this trivial pain
Endangered by the world's temptations

In a clear liver chamber
Looks his own face is dull
A place to grow grudges

mario lawi.jpg Mario F Lawi's poem - photograph by Kef

Where is the tenderness of feelings
who ever sow the prophets?

May need a pointy water beak
To pierce our stone soul
To be truly close to God
No need to shout
Until soul crack

Easter is over
Let it be
There is a poem of Mario F. Lawi on the coffee side
There is a anthology of Rahel's stories at the feet of Kitty
Ita Siregar will not go to heaven alone

Kitty - photograph by Kef

Jakarta, April 3, 2018

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