KuCoin referral bonus program is back; new listings including ArcBlock, Decentraland

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KuCoin is back with its referral bonus program and some new listings

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KuCoin is among my favorite exchanges when it comes to investing in several new (and good) projects which tend to be listed on this exchange rather than the larger ones such as Binance or Bittrex. Plus, of course you have low transaction fees. KuCoin has also recently listed ArcBlock, Decentraland and many other exciting projects

KuCoin recently restarted its referral program where you can receive 20% bonus each time a friend completes an order. It is easy to claim in a single click.

  • Referral Bonus rate of A-level invitee: 20%
  • Referral Bonus rate of B-level invitee: 12%
  • Referral Bonus rate of C-level invitee: 8%

Sign up on the exchange using my referral link: https://www.kucoin.com/#/signup?r=E34Rj2


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