Ideal Crypto Exchanges In The Market

in #kucoin2 years ago

Here are some few exchanges that we could choose in securing our crypto. Whether we are starting off or we're already knowledgeable on crypto this exchanges we're ideal to choose!

This is the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the United States and United Kingdom. They also have the licences and bank accounts to operate in those countries. Coinbase has reliable customer support, and features fiat deposits and withdrawals. This means that deposits and withdrawals in traditional currencies such as USD, EUR etc. are supported.

Kraken has a substantial presence in Europe, and listed cryptos have fiat pairs.

This is the leading virtual currency exchange in the world by adjusted volume. Unlike Coinbase and Kraken, Binance supports a wide range of altcoins (i.e. cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin).

KuCoin has unique assets and an extensive list of tradable coins, it has been plagued by poor Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedures.

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