Trickster (Original Free Form Poem)

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Photo by @quoll

I had so much fun writing to @quoll’s photo prompt in the first edition of the Kudos Short Poem Contest, that I decided to go with the prompt again this week. The photo had an amazing atmosphere and I loved working on this poem.

Thank you so much, Quoll, for the image, and thank you @damianjayclay and @nikisteem for hosting this lovely contest.




Oh my goodness! That photo is so ominous! I think you definitely nailed the essence of it. Nice stuff Tiny!

I'm a little late to seeing this poem but I absolutely adore it :) Thanks for giving life to my picture!

You're welcome! Glad you like it.

I love this poem. It matches the picture prompt so beautifully. I'm inspired!

Rustic simplicity, matches the subject matter to a T.

Nice use of rhyme scheme as well - this is a well thought out poem! Look forward to reading more.

Why, thank you, Laz!

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Photography yang sangat Keren Woow banget @tinypaleokitch