People's responsibility

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In the picture is a small basket in which grains and food are placed and attached to the balconies in most European countries to feed birds in the winter season, as their food decreases as a result of snow and rain.
But as soon as my eyes fell on the picture,
Until I jumped into the saying of the just Caliph Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz, may God be pleased with him
“Scatter wheat on the tops of the mountains so that no bird is said to be hungry in Muslim countries.”
Also, the saying of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, may God be pleased with him and his satisfaction, when he said: “If I found a mule in Iraq, God Almighty would have asked me about it, why did you not worship the road for it, Omar!”
-----Where are our rulers of the ages -----------
When the situation reaches the ruler to feel his responsibility for all creatures, not just humans, we are in the finest times

We will not ask a lot of our rulers today about birds and mules, but rather what is happening to Arabs and Muslims in this time and who is responsible for neglecting rights and losing countries and servants

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