Black and white view

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when one afternoon, my friends and I went to an area, where the area is more to the altitude and with cold weather, exactly his mountain salak his name, the plan we want to taste the coffee arabica gayo with different weather and different taste ,, but on the sidelines of our journey, we stopped at several places to take some beautiful pictures in blanket of mountain mist after rain .. this is so much fun we are amazed by the beauty of nature here ...
Here are some pictures that I have photographed using my mobile phone

  1. F78E6A80-760A-4AEC-A6CC-8F3FC4AEB29C.jpg

  2. 50B58D2C-D93A-46D6-B81E-52D91FACD94C.jpg

  3. A5C2D782-4407-4894-AE68-77735A25A361.jpg

  4. IMG_1542.JPG


Fantastic shots.

Hhe thank you anna 🙏

Wonderful photos!

Thank you.. you're too ,, nice to meet you