Landscapephotography: staring at the dusk at the end of the day.

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Hello all.
Good afternoon, late evening, this evening I was traveling in my city and I went with my friend, while we were on a trip I saw something a little more different from the usual and it was a twilight beauty that was decorating the end of the day this.

And I immediately paused to retrieve a document that seems to me I can show it to all my colleagues who are struggling on this biggest platform, and I try to ask my friend to take some pictures for me to make my post this time about the beauty of nature and I follow the contest photo held by @ juliank entitled landscapephotography: was looking at the twilight at the end of the day.

Hopefully this post about my twilight this time can be selected to get maximum results in accordance with the business that I have done so far.

Thank you for visiting my blog @abrarleo.

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